Nurse of the Month: Carl
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Happy 2021! We’re excited to announce our Nurse of the Month, Carl! Carl has worked in Critical Care for over 27 years. As an avid travel nurse, he’s worked in almost 40 hospitals and has been working hard during the pandemic to help his community. Learn more about Carl below:
What are some things you enjoy outside of work? 
I enjoy the outdoors…hiking, parks, beach trips, I love to BBQ, enjoy swimming and golfing. I also love college football and watching TV on my big screen. I love spending time with my grandchildren.
What is your specialty? 
I work in Critical Care. I’ve been doing this for 27 years as a PCCN and CCRN. I have National Critical Care Certifications and have worked in almost 40 Hospitals in Georgia and South Carolina.
Have you found any sort of community while travel nursing? 
In Dawson, Georgia I’ve found community in my BNB. Shon, Dan, and Mohammad. are great hosts. They have cooked and facebooked. They’ve been there for me like family.
What inspired you to travel? 
I read several articles written by Phoebe Putney CEO and Scott Steiner. I learned that Albany was one of the hardest-hit communities in Georgia being affected by Covid-19. I immediately knew that was where I needed to go next.
What’s it like working during the pandemic? 
I call it a Covid Coaster….ups and down…Saving lives, holding hands, sharing stories with my coworkers, connecting families, and praying with my patients. It is both rewarding and exhausting.
What’s your favorite part of working with Stability? 
Stability makes Travel Nursing easy. My recruiter Chad consistently checks up on me and provides immediate feedback.
What do you always pack? 
I always pack your favorite snacks! I bring filled candy bars …. you’ll make lots of friends and it’s a great ice breaker too!
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