Finding the Best

  March 8, 2020

Travel nursing opens you up to see much more of the country, live in new places, and explore more work opportunities and connections than you otherwise could in a traditional role. We’ve got all you need to help you find the best travel nursing jobs.  There are a lot of tips and tricks out there […]

7 Tips to Get Better Sleep

  March 6, 2020

Anywhere between 50 to 70 million US adults struggle with a sleeping disorder. Travel nurses are no exception. As a travel nurse, it’s easy to struggle with sleeping habits as you work long hours. Not to mention, moving from one state to another can often leave you with a jet-lag-like sleeping pattern that disrupts your […]

Interview Tips For a Travel Nurse Position

  March 3, 2020

Any interview can be intimidating, especially for a position in the medical world. However, being a good interviewee is key to any career, and being prepared for one (or several!) can help ease your mind. Below are a few tips to prepare yourself when applying for a travel nurse position. Get plenty of rest and […]

A Guide to Travel Nurse Taxes

  February 28, 2020

While you can escape many aspects of a traditional work environment as a travel nurse, you cannot escape taxes. As if filing taxes wasn’t overly complicated already, your role as a travel nurse makes navigating taxes challenging. From figuring out your total income to wondering if you have a tax house, and even trying to […]

How to Enjoy Your Off Time in Milwaukee

  February 27, 2020

If your new assignment has brought you deep into the Midwest to Milwaukee, you may be wondering how you’re going to spend your time off (and survive the cold). While the answer to the latter is simple – lots of layers, warm blankets, working heating, and staying inside when the temps go negative – finding […]

Tips for Traveling Alone

  February 25, 2020

Traveling by yourself can be intimidating, and if you’re a travel nurse in a new city, it can be especially so! It may seem scary at first, but the opportunities you receive as a travel nurse are certainly worth it.  There are several ways that you can be safer while traveling alone. Below are a […]

Understanding Your Travel Nursing Stipend

  February 23, 2020

Travel Nurse Stipend So you’ve decided travel nursing is your next path or career move, or you’ve made the transition from traditional nursing to travel nursing. What’s next? There are a lot of components to consider when planning for your new life, applying to companies or hospitals, or accepting a job offer. While a lot […]

Best Cities for Travel Nurses to Check Out This Spring

  February 20, 2020

Perhaps, the biggest perk of being a travel nurse is the flexibility to choose your schedule. Travel nurses get to explore the world while fulfilling their career and passion. If you’re looking for your spring assignments, why not pair your destination with the right city to visit during this season. Check out these top-ranking cities […]

Tips For Finding the Best Travel Nurse Housing

  February 18, 2020

After working a long shift, you’re going to want to put up your feet and relax in a comfortable atmosphere. Luckily, there are several ways you can find the perfect travel nurse housing for yourself, instead of the agency. When looking for housing, you should write out a list of must-have features, such as your […]

Travel Nursing as a Couple – How to Make It Work

  February 14, 2020

The field of travel nursing is fascinating for many. However, when it comes to relationships, things can get a bit challenging. Travel nursing involves many months away from home, different working hours, and continually moving from one city to another. These are things that can put pressure on couples. If you’re determined to make travel […]

The Best Travel Nursing Blogs

  February 12, 2020

Whether you’ve been working as a travel nurse for years or you are just entertaining the idea, travel nursing blogs will have everything that you need. These blogs give you a peek into the life of a traveling nurse through various topics and stories. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best blogs, […]

Three Meal Preps to Keep You Feeling Good Throughout Your Shift

  February 10, 2020

If you have a never ending stream of long shifts and find yourself often begrudgingly picking up takeout on your meal breaks or ordering in overpriced delivery you barely want, meal prepping may be your new food savior. Yes, it’s extra work on your meal prep day, but do it right and you’ll only have […]

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