What a year it’s been….a letter to nurses
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Reflecting on the year

What a year it’s been. Since last year at this time, we’ve battled a pandemic, created a vaccine, and begun administering it to millions of people. We’ve worked so many shifts that we couldn’t tell the difference between our apartments and the breakroom. We’ve made relationships and formed bonds that will last a lifetime. But most of all, we’ve done our best and made a real difference.

Travel nurses have never been needed more than they were over the past year. For frontline nurses, the trials and tribulations from this past year aren’t over, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic and no one knows where that will take us. But that’s why we have to stop and remind ourselves that it’s okay to take a moment to reflect on how hard the last year was. To recognize how strong and brave the healthcare community is. To give ourselves a little pat on the back for all of the hours we’ve spent at the hospital instead of spending time with our own loved ones. To send some extra love to our chosen families that we’ve found in the late hours of the night in the breakroom battling over the last slice of pizza. To buy ourselves some new compression socks because we deserve it (and let’s face it this is a sign it’s time for some new socks). To take that leap of faith and make the career shift you’ve always wanted. When you really think about it – it’s pretty crazy how much nurses are capable of.

Looking ahead

If anything, this past year has filled us with hope. There is no better time than now to do the things you’ve been saying you want to do. Live in the moment. Take a chance and interview for that placement you can’t stop thinking about. Don’t forget to take care of you and do what makes you happy along the way.

If the last year has proved anything it’s that there are endless opportunities for nurses out there. Ready to take the leap? Head to Stability to browse jobs or talk to one our Nurse Advocates.

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