Words of Wisdom for Travel Nurses from Stability Nurses
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There’s no one better to take advice from than people who are in the field working as travel nurses. That’s why we’ve consulted a handful of Stability nurses to find out what advice they would give a first-time traveler. Are you a well-versed traveler with tips to share? Drop us an Instagram DM!

My biggest advice for future travelers is to expect nothing as being certain; which is kind of the point. Staff nursing is where you should expect stability and certainty. In travel nursing, you don’t know which facility you will be at next, who you will work with, and even which floor you will be on when you show up for work. A lot of times travelers are first to float. The best way to get through that is to check your attitude! Remember to stay positive, helpful, and genuine.

Plan ahead and don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself

My advice is simple: be ready to be solo and experience new and different. One must be strong to travel from home and the comforts it brings and be ready to make a short-term home away from home. It is also important to be willing to learn from the community and support all you encounter.

Flexibility is key in being a travel nurse!

Take time to explore the places you go.

If you are thinking of traveling, take the leap! You won’t regret it! Also, don’t tell hospitals how they should be doing things, & don’t discuss your pay. 🙂

Be patient with yourself, if you’re learning a new computer system or new charting system, give yourself some time to figure it out. Starting off someplace new can be kind of stressful, but by the middle of the assignment, it will be like second nature. Also, I’ve had many travelers who have given me the advice to “think like a traveler”, and tell me “you don’t have to do that because you’re a traveler “ my biggest advice is, don’t think like a traveler, go the extra mile to help out where you can and immerse yourself in the culture of that hospital. That will go a long way in easing the new person tension you may feel and will guarantee you will have the best travel experience possible. Be helpful and a team player especially if you want to extend your contract at the facility.

Just do it. Quit staff nursing. You will not regret it!

Take the leap of faith, it is totally worth it! Ask questions and work closely with your recruiter and specialist.

Don’t be afraid! The staff nurses are always welcoming because you’re there to help them out. It can be scary at first but the main thing to remember is that you already know how to do your job, you’re just doing it in a new facility.

Are you feeling inspired to take the leap to travel nursing? Get started today with Stability!

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