5 Items You Should Pack in Your Nurse Bag

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Being on the go and working long and sometimes stressful shifts, means you need all the essential items on hand for whatever situation might come your way. In a lot of cases, your nursing bag tends to become a lifeline. We’ve laid out the top five items that every travel nurse should keep in their bag and even provided some personal care items to take with you. 


As a nurse, the stethoscope is one of the most important instruments. Used to check important vital signs and ensure proper function of organs such as the heart, you will most likely have one with you at all times. Storing one in your bag ensures safekeeping and easy access. 

If you’re unsure which stethoscope is best, check out the top brands on the market right now. 


Scissors are a pretty common item and one most people wouldn’t think to pack. When you’re on the move and need to cut bandages, medical tape, and other various wrappings, having a pair handy could be critical. Save yourself the hassle of digging through supply closets and throw a pair in your bag! 


As both a medical and a personal item, having a good book on hand can help you with quick medical references or help you unwind on breaks. A nursing dictionary can help you with quick references while helping a patient or researching. An easy-read piece of fiction can be a great source of comfort while on your break or waiting for your shift to start.

Check out our list of top five books every travel nurse should read. 

Notepad and Pen

Being a nurse means having multiple job duties and retaining tons of information throughout the day. Whether visiting patients, training on a new work-station, or doing some researching during your lunch break, having a pad and pen on hand can help you jot down everything you need to keep track of during your busy day. 

Hand Sanitizer and Lotion 

Nurses are constantly washing and sanitizing their hands throughout the day moving from patient-to-patient. The pandemic has stressed a greater need to always have sanitizer on deck. Save yourself the time of going to a sanitizing station or asking a colleague for some sanitizer and throw some in your bag.

The constant processes of washing, drying, using hand sanitizer, and the overall daily work your hands see, means your hands are under a lot of stress. Read our list of best hand-healing lotions and show your hands some love! 

Being constantly on the go means your nursing bag can be your lifeline and a source of stress relief. Having the right items in your bag ensures you have easy access to essential items when you need them most. So make sure you pack your essential patient items, but also treat yourself and have a couple personal items you can use throughout the day. 

What’s in your bag? Let us know! 

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