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Cath Lab Tech Job Description

Several Travel Cath Lab Tech Jobs are available through Stability Healthcare. Cath Lab Technicians, also known as cardiac catheterization technologists, are essential members of the cardiology care team, helping to perform diagnostic imaging and aiding physicians during minimally invasive surgery on the cardiovascular system of patients.

A cardiac catheterization technologist will assist physicians involved in cardiovascular health, which is why another word for their position in many health facilities is a cardiovascular technologist. A Cath Lab technician helps with inserting catheters into the heart, measuring and managing several fluids, and even carrying out several tests to measure heart health. This is a specialized job that nonetheless represents a significant opportunity for many in the healthcare system and oftentimes is open to those with little or no experience as a cardiovascular technologist.

Cath Lab Tech Job Requirements

Many hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities offer a potential cardiovascular technologist four to six weeks of cath lab training. In any case, a Cath Lab Tech candidate should approach a Travel Cath Lab Tech position with one or more of the following qualifications:

  • An associate degree or bachelor’s degree with courses on cardiovascular physiology, medical instruments, lab safety, and basic medical principles.
  • A master’s degree is sometime’s preferred by many employers.
  • Accredited in BLS from the American Heath Association (AHA).
  • Medical Lab Technician credentials from either the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) or the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB).
  • Certified Radiologic Technologist specializing in Radiography from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills when dealing with patients.
  • Attention to detail and precise about recording data.
  • Physically able to help patients during cardiovascular tests.

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At Stability Healthcare, we have job opportunities for qualified and professional Cath Lab Technicians looking for Travel Tech jobs. Cath Lab Techs aid physicians in inserting catheters and fluid administration within cardiovascular healthcare. Cath Lab Techs also aid patients in the procedure and clear any doubts about it they might have.

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Cath Lab Tech Job Description

As a Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist, another name for the Cath Lab Technician, you will aid physicians and other cardiovascular experts with catheter insertion, a minimally invasive procedure applied to some cardiology patients. Technicians are also responsible for monitoring patients’ vital signs during any cardiological procedure, including pacemaker insertion or replacement. Cath Lab techs also help with fluid administration, which refers to the liquids like blood and plasma stored in small tubes and other containers that are measured and used for testing a patient’s heart and circulatory system.

You will also monitor blood pressure, pumping strength, and other vital signs during any cardiological procedure. This includes sophisticated tests applied with cardiology equipment that evaluate a patient’s heart health, like electrocardiograms or EKGs, which are essential to monitor and assess a patient for life-threatening conditions. Cath Lab Techs may work with an EKG to record the electrical variations of a patient’s heart by attaching electrodes to the body, printing the reading, and delivering it to the physician for a diagnosis. An EKG is also sometimes attached to a patient undergoing a treadmill stress test to monitor their heart’s performance while walking. You must physically assist the patient here as well.

Your responsibilities as a Cath Lab Tech extend to administrating a patient’s cardiovascular health files, taking care of the equipment, and scheduling appointments.

What does Cath Lab Tech job scientiest do ?

  • Prepare patients for any cardiovascular procedure or test, including shaving, cleaning, or anesthetizing test and insertion area.
  • Review their medical history and inform physicians.
  • Monitor patent vital signs before and after the procedures. Report any abnormalities to a physician.
  • Execute the procedures and tests.
  • Report and interpret test results. Ensure there are no errors or report them immediately if there are.
  • Apply and ensure scheduled maintenance of equipment, lab area, and supplies.
  • Report any problems with equipment.
  • Develop and implement protocols to assure efficient treatment of patients.
  • Help patients with any questions and worries that might arise.
  • Show technical expertise when working with patients and physicians.

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