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IR Tech Job Description

Stability Healthcare is searching for a travel interventional radiology technologist. An IR Tech will aid interventional radiology physicians in diagnosing and treating conditions, such as cancer or cardiovascular problems, through imaging equipment and radiological tools, like small tubes, catheters, wires, and needles for radiological treatment in a specific area. These treatments avoid major surgery, although they can be more invasive than other imagining procedures.

Among the responsibilities of an IR Tech is to record and administer the dosages of certain compounds given to the patient, observe the patient while the process is ongoing and report any abnormal activity. Interventional radiology techs need an advanced understanding of 2D and 3D digital imaging operations as well, as expert knowledge of several biological and anatomical aspects of the human body. They must also excel in patient care, monitoring, and sterilization techniques. Their work is involved in interventional radiology that will treat and diagnose cancer, vascular, neuro, cardiothoracic, pediatric, abdominal, musculoskeletal, endovascular, and even aid in applying moderate sedation or general anesthesia.

It is possible that in some healthcare facilities, the Interventional Radiological Technologist will also report directly to the chief technologist or manager.

IR Tech Job Requirements

  • This position typically requires a bachelor’s degree in biology or the medical field.
  • Minimum 2 years experience in radiology.
  • Registration in the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Provider certification, or an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification.
  • Preferred experience with imaging at a healthcare facility.
  • Excellent skills in communicating with patients and members of the team.
  • Excellent technical skills with advanced equipment.
  • Flexible with assignments and good at multitasking.
  • Experience in imaging at any healthcare facility is preferable.
  • Excellent communication skills with patients and teammates.


The Best Paid Jobs with IR Tech

At Stability Healthcare, we have job opportunities for qualified and professional Interventional Radiology Technologists, or similar, looking for Travel IR Tech jobs. IR Technologists are responsible for operating and getting ready the equipment needed for interventional radiological procedures and positioning patients correctly to the take images required for a proper diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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IR Tech Job Description

Several Travel Interventional Radiology Technologist jobs are available through Stability Healthcare. Also called IR Technicians or IR Techs, they aid physicians, and interventional radiologists with procedures involving organ and body scans on patients, which are used to diagnose and treat a wide array of illnesses.

We’re looking for trained and experienced medical professionals searching for Travel IR Tech jobs. Jobs for experienced IR Technologists are in high demand. The BLS estimates that overall job positions for radiology are expected to grow at a pace of 9% for the next decade. The position will offer applicants rewarding, high-tech, and important work in diverse environments that also come with generous benefits.

What does IR Tech job scientiest do ?

IR Tech’s responsibilities include, but might not be limited to, the following:

  • Take patient information and monitor patient vital signs before and during the intervention.
  • Operate the invasive endovascular technology under the direction of the interventional radiologist physician.
  • Carry out the complex procedures for diagnosis and treatment of patient’s health.
  • Clean, maintain and sterilize the radiology tools needed.
  • Respect protocols and propose process improvements if needed.
  • Respect protocols for radiation safety, helping to minimize dangers to staff and patients.
  • Keep radiology area and rooms properly supplied and maintained.
  • Ensure proper AAAASF accreditation standards.

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