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Med Tech Job Description

Stability Healthcare is searching for a traveling med tech that can be highly analytical, knowledgeable about laboratory equipment, biology, and chemistry, while also possessing exceptional organizational abilities as well.

A medical technician’s duties are taking lab samples, testing, assessing all biological data, keeping records, and helping to compile reports. The best candidate for a medical technologist is also an excellent communicator working comfortably with other medical professionals. Working alongside pathologists, physicians, and other nurses, a medical technologist is essential to making a potentially life-saving diagnosis daily.

Med Tech Job Requirements

A med tech candidate has to fulfill the following requirements to be taken into consideration for this position:

  • A minimum of two years of experience as a medical technician is required.
  • Excellent presentation, communication (both oral and written), and analytical skills.
  • Certificate of eligibility to work as a medical technician
  • A bachelor’s degree in medical technology, clinical laboratory science, or a related field is required.
  • Advanced biology and chemistry knowledge.
  • Proven experience with a variety of medical equipment and tools.

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Start your easy and fast search for Stability Healthcare’s nationwide Travel Med Tech jobs here. Our mission is to provide the adventure and exploration of travel, along with the comforts of home!

Med Tech Job Description

Med Techs, or medical technicians, are vital to laboratories and hospitals, ensuring all medical samples are correctly taken, tested, and analyzed. They are in charge of sample collection and analysis of tissue, blood, and other bodily fluids like urine, spit, and sweat. A med tech also operates and helps maintain laboratory equipment. These highly-skilled professionals are also called medical technologists.

What does Med Tech job scientiest do ?

A medical technician ensures lab samples are correctly tested, analyzed, and reported. Their specific responsibilities and obligations are:

  • Prepare comprehensive reports on your test results and findings.
  • By following safety procedures and regulations, you can keep your workplace safe and clean.
  • Employ microscopic techniques and protocols.
  • Maintaining laboratory inventory levels and, if necessary, placing new supply orders.
  • Obtaining and preparing blood, urine, and tissue samples for testing.
  • Get blood, plasma, and platelets ready for transfusions.
  • Ascertain that all tissue samples are prepared for examination.
  • Examining collected samples for any cell abnormalities.
  • If cell abnormalities are discovered, work with pathologists and other medical specialists to determine the correct diagnosis.
  • The data from the tests should be documented and reviewed.
  • Show test results to doctors, researchers, or patients.

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