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Respiratory Therapist Job Description

A certified respiratory therapist is needed to join our growing team of healthcare experts. Setting up and operating therapeutic gas administration apparatuses and mechanical ventilators, providing emergency care such as external cardiac massage, artificial respiration, or assistance with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and maintaining charts containing patient identification are among the responsibilities.

You must have an accredited respiratory therapy degree and an RCP license to be considered for this position. Experience with respiratory equipment and knowledge of pulmonary function and rehabilitation are prerequisites for this position’s success.

Respiratory Therapist Job Requirements

The following are the requirements for respiratory therapist:

  • Successful completion of a respiratory therapy program or course at a technical college that has been accredited.
  • A certification or registration by the national board for respiratory care (NBRC).
  • License to practice in the state of RCP.
  • License to practice as an RN or LPN in your state of residence.
  • Involvement in the fields of emergency medicine and critical care.
  • A valid driver’s license and proof of auto insurance are required.
  • American Heart Association or American Red Cross certification in BLS or CPR.
  • Thorough understanding of lung function and rehabilitative techniques.
  • Experimentation with breathing apparatus.

The Best Paid Jobs with Respiratory Therapist

A respiratory therapist (RT) is trained to help people with lung diseases or disorders that can result from a myriad of issues. They treat patients dealing with pulmonary distress due to complications from asthma, bronchitis, COPD, pneumonia, chest trauma, prematurity, lung cancer, and more. Respiratory therapists are in high demand, too, with industry growth projected to be at least 23 percent over the next decade according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Respiratory Therapist Job Description

Patients who have trouble breathing often require the assistance of respiratory therapists. Emphysema and asthma are two examples of chronic respiratory disorders that fall within this category. Patients range from newborn babies with underdeveloped lungs to adults suffering from a variety of lung diseases. They are also able to provide first aid in the event of a problem with breathing, a heart attack, drowning, or shock.

A respiratory therapy technician is another name for this type of person.

What does Respiratory Therapist job scientiest do ?

Here are the obligations of a respiratory therapist:

  • Physician consultation if a patient’s physiological response to therapy varies, such as arterial blood gas levels or changes in vital signs or blood chemistry or lung function.
  • They must set up and keep equipment such as therapeutic gas administration apparatus, mechanical ventilators, environmental control systems, and aerosol generators operational.
  • Using prescribed therapy settings.
  • External cardiac massage, artificial breathing, or aid with cardiopulmonary resuscitation are all examples of emergency treatment.
  • Performing regular checks, tests, cleaning, and maintenance on respiratory treatment equipment to make sure it is safe and effective.
  • Maintaining records that include the patient’s name, diagnosis, and treatment plan.
  • Analyzing a patient’s status by measuring arterial blood gasses, interpreting prescriptions, and assessing lung capacity, among other things.
  • Providing a physician with the results of a blood test.
  • Making ad hoc trips to fix equipment issues as they arise.
  • Notifying the manufacturer when a repair is required.
  • Educating patients on their treatment options in order to get them on board with the plan of care.
  • Evaluating the health of the lungs of patients.

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