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Sterile Processing Technician Job Description

Technicians in sterile processing often operate independently, often under pressure. People’s lives depend on them, hence they need to be experts in their field. The basic duties of a sterile processing technician include disinfecting and sanitizing medical devices. Knowledge of infection control and safety procedures and the ability to disassemble, reassemble, and examine a wide range of surgical, medical, and laboratory equipment are prerequisites for this position.

Certification as a sterile processing technician is usually preferred or required for positions in this field. These positions are expected to be full-time (often 40 hours per week) and to occur during standard business hours. Because of the nature of 24-hour care, sterile processing technicians may need to work evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays at some facilities. Jobs with overtime potential are more common in these establishments.

Sterile Processing Technician Job Requirements


  • Excellent focus, alertness, and care while working.
  • devotion to protecting people’s lives.
  • Ability to use one’s own discretion and think critically.
  • Having the manual dexterity and the nerve to work with delicate machinery is essential.
  • Expertise in technology and knowledge of standard sterilization procedures.
  • Proficiency in working both individually and as part of a team



  • Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD)  with high school graduation or its equivalent is required.
  • Successfully pass a criminal record check and show proof of current immunizations.
  • International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM) certification (a plus).
  • 2 years experience.

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Sterile Processing Technician Job Description

Technicians in sterile processing, often known as sterile processing techs, perform crucial tasks in the medical field. The primary responsibility of a sterile processing technician is to ensure that all surgical equipment is sanitized and ready for use prior to each procedure.

A sterile processing technician’s job is to ensure that all necessary surgical tools are sterile and ready for use. This entails sterilizing tools, of course, but also ensuring that surgical tools are functional and readily available when needed.

Candidates for the position of Sterile Processing Technician must have a mastery of the foundations of human growth and development and enthusiasm for their careers.



What does Sterile Processing Technician job scientiest do ?

A sterile processing technician’s primary responsibilities include disinfecting and sterilizing medical devices, although their area of work extends much beyond that. Cleaning and sterilizing surgical and other medical equipment is a key part of a sterile processing technician’s role. A sterile Processing Technician is responsible for:

  • Make sure nothing is broken and everything is functioning properly.
  • Keeping tabs on the tools at hand and deciding whether or not to purchase any replacements.
  • Noting each piece of sterilized equipment.
  • Getting supplies to the right places and making sure they’re available when needed.
  • The proper packaging of sterilized equipment to maintain its sterility throughout transport.

The duties of sterile processing technicians may differ from one organization’s regulations and procedures to another, and even from one employee to another. Do not confuse a sterile processing technician with a surgical technician, who provides assistance to surgeons during operations.

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