Best Cities for Travel Nurses to Check Out This Spring

Perhaps, the biggest perk of being a travel nurse is the flexibility to choose your schedule. Travel nurses get to explore the world while fulfilling their career and passion. If you’re looking for your spring assignments, why not pair your destination with the right city to visit during this season. Check out these top-ranking cities to visit for travel nursing during spring, and whether you’re going on an assignment or as personal leisure, you’re bound to enjoy these cities at their fullest potential.

1. Manhattan, New York

Let’s start with New York City. During spring, you get a quieter time in the city, with fewer people overall. Not to mention, the weather is divine, not too hot or too cold, just between the 50s and low 70s. Walk around the bloomed city and embrace spring at its finest by taking a stroll down Central Park. 

Don’t miss the orchid show at the New York Botanical Garden, when thousands of orchids from around the world transform the garden into a majestic tropical jungle. In the subject of flowers, stop by the Macy’s flower show and see close to a million flowers perfectly laid out around the store. 

Enjoy the weather and take a short trip to Conney Island and explore New York from a different point of view. Finally, take advantage of the multiple spring festivals, and art shows happening around the city for a complete cultural experience. 

2. Breckenridge, Colorado

Known as one of the most charming small towns to visit in Colorado, this ski-season favorite is also a must-visit in spring. Not only will lodging be at its cheapest, but you’ll also get to enjoy the beautiful weather as you explore this town. 

Don’t miss the Breck spring Beer Festival for a unique artisanal experience. And enjoy some music with the Bud Light Concert Series, usually happening throughout spring. 

If you want to live a more adventurous vacation, consider X-country (Nordic skiing), a type of skiing in which the toe of the boot is fixed to the binding in a manner that allows the heel to rise off the ski. Spring-time is the best time of the year to practice this style.

3. Sedona, Arizona

Get ready for a vacation that will blow your mind. Explore the openness and serenity of Arizona and get lost in its trails and canyons. With over more than 100 hiking trails, there always something exciting to try around here. Spring-time is peak season in Arizona thanks to its gorgeous weather, so make sure to plan your stay. 

For baseball fans, Arizona is also home to Spring Training practices and games, making it the perfect city to visit during this time of the year. 

Overall, you can choose from hiking, horseback riding, or just basking in the amazingness these natural mountains have to offer. Ask around and get an extensive list of all the national parks worth visiting in the area — none will disappoint. 

Finally, take some time to relax! Sedona is home to celebrity-worthy spas and retreat hotels. Unplug from everything and enjoy a well-deserved vacation at one of their famous boutique spas. 

4. Washington, D.C.

While Washington is a city you can visit year-round, spring is mainly a beautiful season to do so. First of all, the entire town is covered by blossoming cherry trees all over that give this ethereal and magical background to a somewhat cold-looking city. Not to mention, the weather is divine during this time of the year, usually in the high 50s and low 70s. 

While you’re there, give yourself a few days to stop by and visit the dozens of historic landmarks. Honestly, it might seem that everywhere you look, you’re staring at a bit piece of history. From the White House to the Capitol and every other museum in between, there are countless opportunities for you to get in touch with your cultural side while visiting Washington. 

Before you leave, make sure to stop by Georgetown. This small but crowded area is a must-see while in Washington. Experience a more youthful vibe to the city and bask in the beautiful colorful-painted doors that line up the streets. Stop by a few local bars, and don’t forget to enjoy some shopping at some of the local boutiques. 


Remember to reach out to Stability to see if we can help you schedule your assignments during spring at one of these must-visit cities. Make the most out of your role as a travel nurse by exploring the world at the same time.

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