Stability Healthcare Ranked 4th Best Travel Nursing Agency
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BluePipes took a look at over 350 travel nursing companies based on reviews left by nurses on 6 of the most reputable review sources. Stability Healthcare skyrocketed in 2021 and was ranked 4th best travel nursing company thanks to glowing reviews from our nurses.

“Stability Healthcare comes in at number 4 on our list of the best travel nursing agencies with an aggregate average score of 94.96 on 102 total reviews. They received 62 new reviews in the last year.”

We chatted with Stability’s Experience and Retention Manager, Sarah, to learn more about what makes Stability stand out.

What’s the most important thing when it comes to the support Stability provides?

For our team at Stability, the most important focus is that our nurses feel like part of our family. We want to make sure they know they are supported throughout each and every assignment and always have someone to reach out to.

What sets Stability apart in terms of service?

The biggest factor that sets Stability apart from its competitors is the support we provide to our Practitioners. Every candidate is assigned a triple layer of support. They have a Support Specialist that works alongside their recruiter to make sure their profile highlights their experience and expertise and makes them more appealing for our hiring managers, a Recruiter who is committed to finding them the best possible options for assignments that match their priorities and an Experience Specialist that checks in frequently and adjusts their frequency based on the nurse’s feedback. The team is in constant communication with the nurse and with each other to make sure every bump along the road is smoothed over and that each nurse knows how important they are to Stability. Our Recruiters are assigned candidates rather than positions to fill and so their focus is on taking care of the Nurse and their needs instead of just filling positions.

What sets Stability apart overall?

Our assignments are posted with full transparency. We don’t just post a rate. We post the location, the hours, the shifts, AND the pay. We want our nurses to go into an experience knowing what to expect and that they can count on us for honest opportunities.

Star Reviews

“Stability Health has an amazing system and employees. The hiring process was very simple which is rare. Someone was always available to answer my questions.
I know my recruiter went above and beyond to get me the best pay and benefits.
I have worked previously with companies that I feel was less than honest about benefits, such as PTO.
I’m now sure how Stability Health treats their staff, but they are doing something right! I have yet to speak to someone that wasn’t pleasant. It’s as if they all love their job and it shows and it keeps me excited to be a part of their team.
At this point, I would not consider traveling with another company. I don’t feel like a number.
I don’t know how they do it! I recommend Stability Health to every traveler I meet. I tell them they would be making g a huge mistake to go with any company😎”

“Just completing my first assignment with Stability and have had nothing but a positive experience. I have been in the travel nurse world for almost 6 years now and with various companies. Stability has been efficient, flawless and responsive. I would most definitely work with them again!”

“This was my first contract as a travel nurse and honestly was such a great experience from beginning to end. Everything went smoothly and there was always someone to assist me if I had any questions. Debbie has been amazing! Thank you Debbie. My contract ends soon and hope to work with them again in the future. 5 stars!”

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