Nurses Week Highlight: Mavis


This year for Nurses Week, we’re highlighting the nurses that make Stability Healthcare so special. Meet Mavis, a travel-loving med surg nurse, who recently took her first travel placement in South Carolina.

Read our full interview below:

What has it been like working during the pandemic?
It was very stressful in the beginning especially because no one really knew what to do but it’s become normal now.

What placements have you had in the past?
Seneca, South Carolina

All-time favorite placement?

Dream Placement?

What is your career history, how did you become a travel nurse?
I’ve been a nurse for a while. I always wanted to get into travel nursing. I put that thought on hold when covid started, but I realized it wasn’t going anywhere, so here I am.

What inspired you to become a travel nurse?
I love to travel so becoming a travel nurse is a great way to do what I love while exploring and having fun.

What is your nursing specialty?
Med surg

Favorite hobbies outside of work?
Travel and the outdoors

What’s your favorite part of working with Stability?
Communication is a big deal for me so I love that I can reach my recruiter and she responds in a timely manner.

What is something you bring with you (non-nursing related) to every move/placement?
My blue blanket, it gives me a homely feel.

Any advice for future travelers?
Nursing is the same everywhere so don’t stress the little things. Enjoy your time on the road, explore, make friends and make the best out of it.

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