Featured Nurse: Derek

We’re excited to feature this week’s Stability nurse – Derek! He is currently completing his first assignment in Texas in the ICU. This placement is a first for Derek, he is already making friends and finding his community. Check out more of what Derek has to say:

What is your current specialty and placement? 
ICU –  Texas

What is your favorite part of travel nursing? 
My favorite part of travel nursing is meeting new people. This is my first travel assignment, so coming in as the “new guy” was intimidating, but everyone welcomed me with open arms and I’ve met some new great friends in these short 6 weeks.

What is a place on your bucket list for a travel nursing job? 
A place on my bucket list for a travel nursing job would be anywhere in Colorado. I love the outdoors, so being able to hike different mountains on my days off would be the perfect end to the workweek.

Tell us about your career history – how did you become a travel nurse? 
I worked in the Medicine ICU for 5 years. I then transferred to the float pool where I floated through the Trauma ICU, Neuro ICU, and Cardiovascular ICU for a year and a half. I got to a point where I was getting too comfortable with where I was at and I really wasn’t being challenged. I decided to become a travel nurse for the change of pace and change of scenery.

Have you found any sort of community while travel nursing? 
I have definitely found a community while travel nursing. The assignment I am at now has travel nurses from several different areas around the United States. When you find out someone is a traveler, you instantly build a bond and know you have someone who you can call on when you need a hand.

What are some of your favorite hobbies and activities outside of work? 
My fiancé and I recently purchased a home, so most of my hobbies now consist of home repairs and updates. I’m also finishing up my Master’s in Nursing, so between work, school, and home projects, there’s not much time for anything else.

What do you always pack? 
I always pack a Starbucks Double Shot. It’s a lifesaver when working night shift!

Any advice for future travelers? 
My advice to future Travelers would be… Take the leap and don’t be afraid. I was afraid to leave my comfort zone, but leaving that comfort zone has made me a stronger nurse. This was the best career decision I’ve made thus far.

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