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Meet Jessica! Jessica is a Stability nurse currently working in the L&D unit. She loves the flexibility that travel nursing offers her so she can make the most of her time with family and plenty of time for adventures.

What is your current specialty and placement?聽

Labor and delivery

What is your favorite part of travel nursing?聽

There are so many things that I enjoy about travel nursing but I would have to say my FAVORITE part is the freedom and flexibility it offers. As a staff nurse, I worked weekend premium for years and I missed out on so much with family; travel nursing allows me to make more money and be home more on the weekends 馃檪

What is a place on your bucket list for a travel nursing job?聽

Really, just about anywhere but The New England area just piques my interest the most!

Tell us about your career history – how did you become a travel nurse?聽

I worked as a staff L&D nurse for a little over 11 years and all I ever wanted to be was a travel nurse but family and life happened. However, after my son became sick and I became more and more unhappy at my staff job; my family and I made the decision that I would give travel nursing a go and I have no regrets.
Funny enough I graduated with my FNP last June but there are limited jobs in my area- so I鈥檒l just be traveling until the right one comes along.

Have you found any sort of community while travel nursing?聽

My current assignment has lots of travelers, who also have families and I have bonded with a few of them. They get the positives and negatives of it and it鈥檚 just a little community.

What are some of your favorite hobbies and activities outside of work?聽

I am married and have 3 children 16, 12, and 11 and so I drive home on my days off to play taxi and so their sports and social life keep me pretty busy. When I am not playing taxi, I love to travel and see new places, hiking, reading, and binge watching True crime documentaries.

What do you always pack?聽

I always pack my laptop and earbuds, so that I am able to watch my shows or listen to my auto books.

Any advice for future travelers?聽

DO IT! It can be nerve-racking and scary at first but most things worth doing are!

What are your go-to ways to relieve stress?

Get outside and get moving. Also, when I find time, I enjoy a good workout and peloton ride. It just puts you in a better mindset.

Tell us a little about your mental health journey. What do you struggle with/have you struggled with in the past? What has helped you work through your struggles?

I鈥檓 not sure how you can work in healthcare and not have some sort of mental health struggle. I have anxiety and it took a long time to admit that myself but once I did and I got help with it- it was a game-changer for me. Everyone in my life benefited from me seeking help and medication- it made me more patient with my family and myself!

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