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After spending 14 years in the ICU, Kali Lowry took the risk to start traveling and wishes she would have taken the leap sooner. Being a mother to two, she balances the travel life with being a mama and thrives in both departments. We couldn’t be happier to have Kali as a Stability Nurse! Read more to learn about her travel nursing journey:

What has it been like working during the pandemic?
Working during the Covid pandemic has been challenging. It combines everything you have ever learned about an ICU patient and happens in the same shift usually. In a way, it feels like I have grown myself in my skills just for this day. Everything has come full circle so I can help these extremely ill patients. It is disheartening when they don’t make it after months of care. However, for the ones that do it really means a lot.

What placements have you had in the past?
I have only just started traveling after staying put in my original ICU for 14 years. All I can think is why didn’t I take this risk sooner!? I am currently in at placement in Abilene, TX, and have just renewed for my 3rd contract there.

Dream Placement?
ICU because this is what I believe I was born for.

What is your career history, how did you become a travel nurse?
When I graduated from nursing school I went to Shannon Medical center in San Angelo, TX over 14 years I worked my way up the theoretical ladder and was the assistant manager & unit educator for the last 3 years while spending half my time at bedside care. My manager after 3 years of work wanted to cut my pay to fund another unit manager’s promotion. From there I went to night shift to make more money and was worked out of a unit that I loved and sacrificed for. Travel nursing was my only option since my hospital bought the town of San Angelo and the HR monopolizes the town. As I speak with other travel nurses like me I realize that I am not an original story. Which was actually shocking to me. There are many nurses who were in a way forced to travel and will never do it any other way after being so happy with it now.


What inspired you to become a travel nurse?
I actually am very independent and love the travel life. I stay close to home because I have a 4 & 7-year-old and love to spend my 4 days off a week with them. To provide my family with a great life is really why I travel.

What is your nursing specialty?
Critical Care nursing.

Favorite hobbies outside of work?
Reading & being a mommy.

Best travel nursing story?
I have had lots of different experiences. My favorite stories usually involve my favorite Air B&Bs I hop around and the great restaurants I discover.

What’s your favorite part of working with Stability?
Stability has been wonderfully supportive. I was pretty wounded after my last job. Stability has treated me so much better than any hospital administration ever has. Also, I will say the nursing day gifts are amazing! I am grateful that Stability is on my side. They are the best!

What is something you bring with you to every move/placement?
My suitcase. My travel shampoo, soaps, & toiletries. My lunch/snack tote.

Any advice for future travelers?
Take a chance! Look at a place you can see yourself enjoying and just go for it.

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