Nurse of the Month: Rachel Venugopal
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Meet July’s Nurse of the Month – Rachel! Rachel is a Cardiac step-down nurse that picked up travel nursing during the pandemic. She has a passion for nursing and it brings her joy to help others and push herself to be a better nurse. Travel nursing gave her the opportunity to meet new people, to learn how practices are done in other places, all while consuming her wanderlust soul. Learn more about Rachel below:

What has it been like working during the pandemic?

If I’m being honest, it was the most challenging, exhausting, emotional roller coaster I’ve ever been on. At the same time, having gone through something like that, I have found such joy in what I do, a passion for helping others, and a desire to constantly push myself to be better as a nurse when it comes to interactions and the care I provide my patients. I have also learned so much in the process (both in how to be a nurse and also who I am as a health care professional)

What placements have you had in the past?

Crazy enough, I have only had one other placement. I started my traveling journey in March and feel in love with the hospital, so much so, they asked me to resign for another 3 months!

Dream Placement?


What is your career history, how did you become a travel nurse?

I started my nursing career on a cardiac step-down unit. In the process of working on that unit, I was pulled away to become a COVID nurse for six and a half months.
I’ll admit, I’m still fairly new in the traveling and overall, in nursing. I wanted to push myself as a nurse and in my career. Traveling was my opportunity to do so. To meet new people, to learn how practices are done in other places, all while consuming my wanderlust soul.

What inspired you to become a travel nurse?

Long story short, I was born and adopted from India. Raised in the Philippines as a missionary kid. Then moved to the US. Traveling is in my blood and it’s all I want to be doing. I’m so incredibly blessed to be a travel nurse. have met such amazing doctors and nurses already and my journey has just begun.

What is your nursing specialty?

Cardiac step-down
Progressive care
COVID nurse

Favorite hobbies outside of work?

I absolutely love being outdoors. I love romping around, getting lost in nature, or disappearing somewhere on a lake, on my stand-up paddleboard. I love also love flying and exploring other cities I’ve never been to.

What’s your favorite part of working with Stability?

I absolutely love how much the staff communicates with you, how much they make you feel a part of something, a part of a bigger family. They make you feel like your not just another number.

What is something you bring with you (non-nursing related) to every move/placement?

I always bring my pillow. I don’t care how uncomfortable a bed/hotel is… my pillow is a must. I’ll pass out anywhere with that thing.

Any advice for future travelers?
Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable, to voice your thoughts, your desires, your fears. Don’t be afraid to go to a new city, to try something new, to get outside of your bubble and your comfort zone. Living in the uncomfortable sparks one’s ability to grow.

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