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Meet our Stability featured nurse, Vivian! Vivian is currently working as a cardiac step down nurse in Palo Alto, CA, and has been nursing for over 3 years. As a travel nurse, she lives life with no regrets and her life is always an adventure. Read more:

What is your current specialty and placement?

Cardiac step down in Palo Alto, CA

What is your favorite part of travel nursing?

My favorite part of travel nursing is learning new things and meeting new people! There are always different things to learn in nursing, and in my current assignment, I’m learning a lot more about cardiac surgery which I totally love. I’m also a social being so I love meeting a new diverse group of people.

What is a place on your bucket list for a travel nursing job?

Hawaii in the summer!

Tell us about your career history – how did you become a travel nurse?

I’ve been a nurse for over 3 years and wanted to do something different that would challenge me. I was very comfortable at my previous job and wanted to learn more. I’ve met travel nurses at my previous job and convinced me to make the jump if I was thinking about it. It was the best decision of my life with no regrets!

Have you found any sort of community while travel nursing?

It’s always nice meeting other travelers during your assignment. You get a sense of familiarity with them when you’re in a new environment and don’t know anyone else. We stick together and help each other out.

What are some of your favorite hobbies and activities outside of work?

I box on my days off to relieve stress. I love listening to music so I attend concerts whenever I can. I’m also a big foodie so you can always find me trying out new restaurants in the area!

What do you always pack?

My French bulldog, Nori!

Any advice for future travelers?

Travel nursing is amazing because you get to travel anywhere you want to, meet new people, and have many opportunities to learn and grow more within your nursing field. I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous about quitting my full-time position to be a travel nurse, but I never looked back. It’s been a great experience so far and have no regrets. If you’re already thinking about travel nursing, take the leap of faith and do it!


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