Harry Potter Styled Healthcare Workers ⚡️

What would your job look like in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Behold!

The peds lab tech, who’s actually a squib, and says “lumos” when he turns on his pen light.

The NP, who invented a pensieve integration with EPIC for shift notes.

The corrections nurse, tucked away in her office, being “precepted” by a Dementor who loves to hover and critique charting.

The smoldering, over-confident resident who uses veritaserum to speed up his assessment.

The unit educator, who loves nailing new “decrees” on the wall for everyone to follow.

The CNO, in the Room of Requirement, from which they never leave. 

The new grad nurse on her first day of clinicals. She forgot her bag and stethoscope but remembered her care plan tucked neatly in her front pocket. She has dreams of graduating, working for a month, then becoming a traveler.

This is part of a recurring series by Zach Smith, BSN-RN.

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