How to Make & Keep Friends as a Travel Nurse


Moving to a new city is always exciting, especially when you have a new assignment lined up. But, it also means leaving the friends and acquaintances you’ve made behind. It can be challenging to make new friends as a travel nurse every time you change locations. We all know it. It’s not relatively as easy as it was when we were younger. 

In-person connections are essential for your mental health and to help you experience new things in the neighborhood. Here are some tips on how to make (and keep) friends as a travel nurse. 

1. Join Groups

Nowadays, you can easily find groups of people who share your interests. A popular one is Meetup, where you can check out available groups near your zip code. You can find people who play sports, love the outdoors, explore new restaurants, and more. Once you join these groups, you’ll receive details of meeting times so that you can connect with members in person. This is an excellent idea if you’re a bit introverted and have difficulties being outgoing at work. 

2. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Social media can be great for keeping up with new friends. Not to mention, Facebook is a great place to find events in your new neighborhood. Another awesome new feature is Facebook groups, so you can see what people living in your area are up to, or choose a group of people who share your interests. It’s easy to find specific Facebook groups for travel nurses in different states. Here are some Facebook Groups to consider:

3. Ask Coworkers for Advice

You’re probably not the only one with this problem. Ask your new coworkers for advice on how to meet new people outside of the hospital. It might be a good idea to ask them about their favorite activities, the things every tourist should experience, or maybe their favorite restaurant in the area. This conversation gives you the perfect opportunity to engage with them and even invite them along for your plans. 

4. Be Outgoing at Work

It goes without saying, but being outgoing at work is the best way to make new friends as a travel nurse. If you don’t try to make friends with the people you spend most of the day with, it will be hard to meet people elsewhere. You might not like everyone, and not everyone will love you back, but keep trying and put yourself out there making plans with others as much as you can. 

5. Join a Class

Depending on your schedule, you might or might not have to find a class. If you have a hobby, whether it is painting or exercising, consider joining a local class. This is a great option to treat your body and mental health while also meeting new people. Most of the time, you can find someone that aligns with your values in this class and try some activities afterward. 

6. Visit Coffee Shops

Independent stores, coffee shops, bars, and even libraries are great places to catch up and learn about local groups and events. They’re also great places to make new friends, as most of the time, these places host events and gatherings. 

7. Consider Apps

Not dating apps, but friendship apps. Many apps are designed to help people make friends, and these are great for travel nurses always moving around. You can find people, very much like yourself, looking to make new friends and explore their city together. Apps like Bumble BFF, Code Happy, Supper Club, and Nextdoor are great options to start looking at. You might even find your next roommate


Once you make new friends, don’t neglect them. Even with your busy schedule, do your best to keep up with them. Nowadays, it’s easy to send someone a text, schedule a video call, or comment on their social media posts. Don’t forget that a good, classic phone call is always a great way to connect.

Yes, making friends and keeping friends as a travel nurse can be challenging. But don’t lose hope. Once you’re settled into your new place, consider throwing an old-fashion house-warming party and invite your coworkers and neighbors. Making friends can be easier for some nurses than others. It depends on your personality. Hopefully, these options will give you some guidance on how to put yourself out there and start making friends. 

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