How to Shift Nursing Specialties

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Nursing provides a unique opportunity to change specialties while remaining in the same career. While it may seem unconventional to switch specialties, it’s prevalent in nursing, with over 100 fields to choose from. Even if you plan to spend your lifelong career in nursing, you probably don’t want to be stuck in your current role permanently, especially as you develop and want to acquire new skills. So, here are five tips to keep in mind while you prepare for the transition:


Altering specialties often comes with a significant life change. Before you make a final decision, we recommend doing a deep self-reflection. Ask yourself questions such as: What do you enjoy? What schedule works best for me? Do I want to work in a hospital setting? Do I have time and energy for additional education? Once you’ve done some reflecting, you can determine what the most appropriate direction for you is.


After assessing, the next step is to explore what nursing specialties are out there. Reading news articles, industry publications, reputable blogs, and nursing journals will guarantee you are well-researched before making a clear decision.

Pro-tip: Stay open-minded and consider specialties you may have overlooked.

Get out there!

Once you have found a few specialties that tickle your fancy, it’s time to try them out yourself! Attend conferences and shadow nurses. Researching or interviewing can only do so much; you must be in the thick of it. Shadowing for a few hours can save you time from taking a job and soon realizing that the job isn’t the best fit for you. See if people in your network will be willing to let you shadow or network on LinkedIn or in-person.

Networking is Key

Shadowing and attending conferences are not enough. Start your due diligence and network with others in your prospective specialty. Reach out to possible connections on LinkedIn and talk to colleagues who can help you. It doesn’t hurt to put yourself out there to get the most information and connections to further your career!

Additional Education

Further education can be a great option if you are curious about expanding your role within the nursing field. Education can range from certification courses to an advanced degree. To see what your specialty needs, look up job postings for positions you would be interested in and see if further education requirements are listed.

Consider these five tips if you want an easy transition when switching specialties. Stability Healthcare offers hundreds of the best-paying nursing specialties. Find high-pay travel nursing contracts for exclusive positions and assignments with pay listed and for immediate hire. Check out our job opening and apply now.

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