Job Highlight: House Sup

Almost 85% of all registered nurses (RNs) are working in the nursing field in jobs in the hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing care facilities, and schools to name a few.

A house supervisor is a role occupied by experienced registered nurses with Basic Life Support certification from the American Heart Association and an active professional license.

When it comes to addressing patient care and staffing concerns, let’s look at the responsibilities of a nurse supervisor or house sup, and the opportunities available.

Responsibilities of a House Sup

What does a nursing house supervisor do? The nurse supervisor job description includes the following:

  • dealing with patient care issues
  • attending to staffing matters
  • supervise the nurses and other staff
  • administrative tasks
  • leading and directing the nurses and staff as they care for patients
  • assure the quality of care
  • staff development
  • maintain nursing guidelines

Their role is mainly to supervise, direct, and lead a team of nurses and staff as they care for patients and perform other related duties.

Nurse Supervisor Job Duties

House supervisor job duties are extensive. They develop and interpret infection-control policies and protocols to protect patients and employees.

They coordinate with the patient, the patient’s family, and the physician to make sure the patient’s needs are being met and to resolve any problems that have come up.

They enforce the administration of medications, proper storage procedures, and regulations for controlled substances.

They document patient care services, ensure medical equipment is working properly by testing and overseeing preventative maintenance and calling for repairs when needed, and evaluate new equipment.

They are in charge of how confidential information is processed to protect patient medical records. They attend professional development workshops and keep abreast of new policies and protocols.

They keep an inventory of all nursing supplies through usage reports, looking at the present trends, and evaluating future needs. They also fill out supply requisitions and allocate money for supplies.

Nurse House Supervisor Salary

The average yearly US salary for a house sup is $77, 500. Some positions have bonuses and profit-sharing which can bring the salary up to $115,000.

The average varies greatly in different parts of the country. For example, in Indiana, the median salary for a house sup is $100,000. In California, a house sup salary rises to $114,000.

Advance Your Career

Now that you have some information on the role and responsibilities of a house sup, it’s time to get started on your next career move. House sups can go on to become nurse managers, executive directors, CEOs, directors of human resources, clinical directors, and more after having years of experience.

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