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While 2021 comes to an end and we start out 2022, there’s a lot to reflect on – especially as a travel nurse. Between surviving another year in the pandemic, working in different hospitals across the country, meeting new people, embarking on new adventures, and drinking copious amounts of coffee, it’s been a pretty busy year! The start of a new year is a great time to set new intentions for the new year. Here are some of our favorite travel nursing goals we’ve heard from our nurses as we kick-off 2022.

Pick up a placement somewhere you never thought you would

Everyone has their bucket list of destinations that they want to go to, but sometimes the best adventure is where you least expect it to be. Our advice? Put the names of some states in a hat and draw one – check out what travel placements are open there on our website and see where that takes you!

Pack lighter

This can be a tough one for some, but a good goal to strive towards. This becomes easier after you’ve been on a few travel assignments and learn more about what need and what you don’t. Our featured nurse, Sunee said: “I’m a bit of an over-packer, and since this is my first travel assignment (although I’ve renewed my contract 3 times) I wasn’t really sure what to pack in the beginning. Obviously, scrubs and comfortable shoes are on the top of the list, but I’m pretty sure I figured out how to pack almost my whole closet and have only worn scrubs and workout clothes while I’ve been in my assignment.”

Volunteer in the local community

While it’s important not to overwhelm yourself with a busy schedule if you have time to volunteer somewhere once a week it is an excellent way to meet people and participate in local communities. Lots of animal shelters are in constant need of volunteers and plus you get the added benefit of some puppy love!

Join a club

Making connections as a travel nurse doesn’t have to be hard! Join a club to meet people with like-minded interests and do something fun while you’re at it. Some of our favorite winter clubs? Skiing, snowshoeing, ceramics, and cooking clubs!

Add to your reading list

Who doesn’t love cozying up with a book to unwind? Create a book list for the year and spend more time reading and less time doom scrolling on social media. Need some ideas? We have a book guide for some inspiration.

Do you have any travel nursing resolutions this year? Head to our Instagram and leave us a comment!
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