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You’ve probably heard unfamiliar terms from your accountant while he’s explaining your tax forms, or a mechanic shouting some unknown phrase across the garage while you get your oil changed. Like many professions, nursing has its own standardized terminology. 

As a travel nurse, you’re constantly on the go and exploring new places. If you’re new to travel nursing, you’re probably constantly hearing new, and sometimes confusing, terminology. Learning the standard vocabulary for travel nursing can help you get adjusted and cut down on the stress and confusion of your job.  

Contract Terminology

Contract – To travel nurses, contracts are nothing new. But it’s important for those new to travel nursing to understand the importance of contracts. Contracts can range from weeks to months and outline all of your pay and expected duties. 

Per Diem Nursing – ‘Per diem’ is latin for ‘per day’. This type of nursing offers daily and temporary work for travel nurses that might be between jobs or are looking for extra work. 

Rapid Response Nursing – This type of nursing refers to an urgent need contract. These positions usually need to be filled in two weeks or less. Some rapid response positions offer higher pay. 

EMR Project – An electronic medical record conversion project deals with converting paper patient records to electronic records. While this isn’t a patient care position, computer system experience is required.

Guaranteed Hours – Guaranteed hours are written into your contract. It’s important to understand the number of hours you are contracted to work, as some nurses who don’t have guaranteed hours are still expected to work. 

Pay Terminology

Stipend – A stipend is an allowance written into your contract. There are typically two types of stipends; meals and housing.  Most stipends are given weekly or monthly and are a means of reimbursing you for your housing and meals bought on the go. 

Travel Reimbursement – Some contracts allow for travel reimbursements which are reimbursements for expenses accrued during your time traveling. Not all agencies offer reimbursement for travel expenses, so make sure you read the terms of your contract. 

Tax Home – This is a home where you regularly return and incur expenses. This applies to rental properties and mortgages. You must be able to prove residency through a drivers license, voter registration, or other proof of residency. 

Learning new nursing terminology can help you better communicate with other nurses and doctors and eliminate any confusion while in the field. It can also help you get better antiquated to a new environment and assist you in further understanding your contract. Standardized nursing terminology is beneficial not only to you but to your whole team and future patients as well. If you’re a travel nurse, get your travel dictionary ready! Find your next placement today with Stability Healthcare

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