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There are endless benefits as a travel nurse, from exploring new cities to meeting new people. But, deciding what to do on your days off in the summer can be overwhelming. After all, you’ve moved from your home base to see a different city. But fear not, Stability is here to help you spend your summer days off wisely.

5 Summer Activities on your days off

Go for a Hike

Hiking is a relaxing activity to help clear your mind and boost your mood while being outdoors. A group of Berkeley researchers found that time spent in nature decreases blood pressure, stress levels, and restores attention. “The synergistic effect of physical activity and time spent in nature make hiking an ideal activity to increase overall health and wellness.”

From hiking in forests to taking a leisurely stroll in town, there is something to do for every travel nurse no matter where they are located. Explore the parks and rec page in your summer placement city to find out what hikes are best for you!

Visit the Local Farmers Market

Summer offers a ton of delicious vegetables and fruits, and local farmer’s markets provide the best way to get fresh produce while shopping locally. Purchasing directly from a farmer’s market stand will help a local business grow fresh and healthy crops for their next harvest! And farmer’s markets are an excellent opportunity to spend time outside, meet new people, and create a nutritious meal that will improve your mood and immune system.

Explore what produce is in season this summer: Spruce Eats.

Explore Museums

All works of art need to stay preserved in less humid and cooler temperatures, making museums the most effective antidote for beating the summer heat. Museums in a new city offer more clarity and understanding about your summer placement. So, take advantage of the A/C and enrich your mind by visiting a local museum during the summer.

For more information on how to get the most out of your museum expedition visit

Go Swimming

As the temperatures rise and the outdoors become unbearable, swimming is the easiest solution to cool off and still get some exercise. Swimming offers numerous benefits, such as relieving stress, reducing back pain, and building muscle. The parks and rec website or a simple Google search can aid in your search for a pool, beach, or hot spring. Or, see if you can get a pool membership pass at a nearby gym!

Treat Yourself

Travel nurses work so hard that sometimes they forget to pamper themselves! Don’t always feel like you need to GO-GO-GO on your days off. Take advantage of your day off by doing some self-care like getting a massage, a mani/pedi, or a haircut. Spa treatments can help increase blood circulation, thus increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen, which improve your sense of well-being and mood.

Travel nursing offers many possibilities for adventure. Whether going on a hike, swimming, or visiting a museum this summer, days off are a great way to explore a new town and have some fun! And don’t forget to relax. If you’re interested in becoming a travel nurse, learn more at Stability Healthcare! Visit the travel nurse blog for more information.

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