Top fall placements for travel nurses 2021

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Metaphorically, seasons often bring change. For travel nurses, they quite literally can bring a physical change. Depending on how long your assignment is, you may be able to plan it so you’re working in certain cities during peak fall weather. Look below to see a list of 4 cities that are fun and beautiful in the fall (in different ways). As always, turn to Stability Healthcare’s website if you have questions on becoming a travel nurse and its benefits.

Boulder, CO

Colorado is an incredibly beautiful state. Although Boulder is mostly known for its large university and liberal lifestyle, it has so many other benefits that make it a great place to live. Firstly, nothing can beat fall colors, and since Boulder is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, you’ll have endless opportunities to catch autumnal leaves. Additionally, Boulder is a very active city with many hobbies to pick up – skiing, hiking, biking, etc, all of which can still be done in the fall. There’s also Boulder Fall fest, a three-day festival with great food, drinks, and entertainment, and other fall-themed events happening around the city. Fresh mountain air adds the perfect kick to enjoying fall weather.

Madison, WI

Madison, WI is a quaint town that turns quite picturesque in the fall. Typically the Midwest is known for a plethora of fun fall activities and tasty, homemade meals (yes, chili!). Although people may not first think of Madison as a foodie scene, the city is bursting with options that are suitable for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike. Plan with your other travel nurses to try a new restaurant around the Capitol building once you get off your shift. It’s fun to cozy up and sit on a heated patio and try a local beer, or to try some of Wisconsin’s famous cheese curds. Or, if dairy and drinking isn’t your thing, grab some fresh veggies and flowers at the local farmer’s market.

Seattle, WA

Seattle in the fall can be a mix of things – beautiful, artsy, ominous, relaxed . Since there are so many vibrant scenes, you get what you want out of the city. For example, those who are into physical activity can take a beautiful hike at one of the many nearby mountains, waterfalls, lakes, or the coastline. Travel nurses that are into artsier endeavors can shop at local craft fairs or try their hand at making something, like pottery. If the creepy and alluring is your thing, do your research and make your own walking tour of the most haunted places in the city. If relaxation is #1 on your list, take a boat tour, or go whale watching off the coast while wrapped up in your favorite jacket.

San Diego, CA

If cold weather isn’t your thing, Southern California might be the place for you! It virtually stays warm all year round. So, despite traditional fall months, you can do traditionally “summer” activities like surfing and swimming. You can always take a respite up to Northern California for more of a “fall” feel if you need your fix. Plus, you can always treat yourself to classic fall foods, like spiced ciders, pumpkin spiced lattes, freshly picked apples, and more.

Being a travel nurse is great because you can really tailor your own experience. The choice of where you work is in your hands, and Stability Healthcare makes it easier to find the right place for you. The job board is very user-friendly and makes it painless to plan your fall assignment. Get started today! 

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