10 Instagram Accounts Every Travel Nurse Should Follow in the Pandemic

It pretty much feels like the end of the world these days, especially if you’re a nurse in an emergency room. One of the few ways to momentarily escape the glum is to laugh. Gotta laugh to keep from crying, right? Filling your Instagram feed with meme accounts might seem silly, but sometimes it does the trick in adding some positivity to your day. It’s hard to watch one of Leslie Jordan’s videos and not crack a smile, no matter how down you’re feeling about the world. 

Here are 10 Instagram accounts you should follow as a travel nurse. Some are nursing related, some are just plain old fun. 



Danielle LeVeck is a nurse practitioner in a cardiac surgery ICU, but she doubles as a meme queen. She’s posting a lot through the quarantine and her memes are oh so relatable. Like this one: 


Not to mention, she has an adorable corgi named Sir Charles. How could you turn down corgi content? In this economy??


With over 306k followers, Nurses of Instagram is filled with hilarious and useful nursing content. They’ll make you laugh with posts about Tiger King:


Or tear up as New York hospitals blast “Empire State of Mind” after a COVID-19 patient gets discharged: 


There are tons of heartwarming stories about nurses on the front lines:  two nurses getting married, staff going to great lengths to help an old man tell his wife in quarantine that he loves her, emotional support dogs comforting medical staff and of course….. Tik Tok dances. 



This account will appeal to those who appreciate some dark humor and aren’t offended by foul language. It’s pure meme and there are surely a few posts you’ll be sharing on your story because, well, how could you not? 



The best thing about accounts like this one is they’re run by ICU nurses, ones that are probably going insane during COVID-19. If they can laugh, so can you! This account is filled with memes that might hit too close to home about the everyday annoyances of being a nurse. You’ll feel right at home. 


Especially in these hard times, we need a reminder of why we love doing this job. Following travel nurses who have really been soaking up all that their placements have to offer can be a good reminder that there will be life after Coronavirus. Follow these travel nurse influencers and start keeping tabs of their adventures, so when this is all over, you can go on your own ones. 


Bianca Scoffer knows her way around a camera. Her shots from her placements in Hawaii will have you drooling for bikinis and ocean breeze. It’s easy to see why she has over 123k followers. She’s been all over Hawaii, from Oahu to Maui. If you scroll down far enough you can see her adventures in the Northeast too, but nothing beats those ocean views. 



Following Sarah Gaines is as educational as it is aesthetic. She intersperses gorgeous ocean shots of her placements in California and Bali with tips about how to maximize your pay and experiences as a travel nurse. Find out the five secrets to making 6 figures as a travel nurse while fantasizing about the poolside cocktail she’s sipping. 



Kylee Nelson, a NICU RN, really puts the travel in travel nursing. Her pictures will make you want to go on your own Eat, Pray, Love adventure. She’s currently based in Seattle but she’s been everywhere from Myanmar to Romania to the deserts of Jordan. Following Nelson will have you dying to explore cities that you had never heard of before. If you’re planning a post COVID-19 trip in any hemisphere, Nelson is bound to give you some inspiration.


Stability Healthcare has placements in Hawaii, Seattle and more. Search for where you want to go and check out our rates here. 


If the floor feels like it’s falling through, sometimes there’s nothing more grounding than just listening to someone you find truly hilarious. They could be reading their grocery list, or trying to figure out how to turn the TV on, but just hearing their perspective on the day can keep you from feeling like you’re living in the Upside Down. That’s the beauty of Instagram, it can bring these people into our lives daily and turn them into our friends. That might sound cheesy and sad, but for any nurse in a new placement during Coronavirus, famous Instagram friends can be welcome. Here are three people to follow to cure your loneliness and anxiety, at least momentarily. 


No one has a smoother voice than Tabitha Brown. Her videos showing you how to cook vegan everything will set your heart rate back to its normal speed, even if you couldn’t imagine giving up pork in a million years. Brown is an actress and comedian, but she doubles as a vegan chef, mom and earring aficionado. She and Donna, her hair, go on lots of quarantine adventures and all of them are worth a viewing, and in between the vegan cooking and hair washing is some truly profound advice. Here are some of Brown’s best moments. 



Sometimes we forget that the characters we love in shows and sitcoms are played by real people with totally separate lives. But Instagram has done a good job of reminding us of this during the quarantine. And while some celebs have fared better than others, one of the most hilarious and fun “normal” actors to follow has been New Girl’s Max Greenfield. While he might have played an eligible bachelor in most of New Girl, as the douche-y but lovable Schmidt, Greenfield has been married since 2008 and has an adorably sassy 11-year-old daughter named Lilly. He and Lilly have taken to Instagram to document her remote learning, as California schools will continue online until the end of the school year. Watching the two of them bicker, be bored and attempt to learn things together is a great way to lighten your day. Here are some of their funniest antics. 



“Awww sh*t, how y’all doing?” A gem of a human being, and everyone’s guncle (gay uncle), actor Lesie Jordan (Will & Grace, The Help) has finally been given the respect he deserves during this pandemic. His twice-daily videos have no doubt saved thousands from mental breakdowns. Whether he’s talking about yoga, “Mama”, or famous actors he’s worked with in his decades-long career, Jordan’s “pillow talk” will brighten every day of your week. 

Here are some of his greatest hits: 


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