Top Nursing Trends in 2019

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Trends in Nursing 2019

There are lots of opportunities for both personal and professional development, especially in nursing, and within a rapidly changing environment. Read on to see the trends in nursing in 2019 and how this can influence what you plan to do as a nurse.

Technology is Increasing

Technology has a huge influence on nursing from remote monitoring to robotic surgery and genomics. Targeted treatments are on the rise in cancer, and patients have shorter stays in hospital due to improved surgical and radiology techniques. Nurses need to be aware of the best and latest apps to advise patients on their conditions and have to be competent with computer literacy. There are lots of opportunities for nurses to work differently due to technology. This includes remote monitoring and being able to explain new treatments to patients.Care delivery may be home based instead of in a hospital. Apps are also vital to nurses for finding travel nursing assignments, this is why Stability provides a recruiter free job searching platform.

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Specialists are in Demand

Nurses with expertise in critical care, oncology, pediatrics, renal, and operating department nursing are in demand as the need for these specialist skills is on the rise. Travel nurses with these skills are particularly in demand and can get high rates of pay by having these qualifications.

The best travel nursing agencies such as Stability Healthcare will ensure competitive rates are negotiated for specialist nurses, leaving the nurse to focus on the job. By being flexible, nurses can find work all over the country and beyond if they have specialist expertise.

Bilingual Nurses are on Trend

The USA has changing demographics with an increase in the population of those where English is not a first language. Nurses with a second language will be in demand to care for people who have limited knowledge of English. Some travel nurse jobs may require a particular language ability in addition to nursing qualifications and to care for specific clients. It is the ideal time to update any language skills.

Work Life Balance

Prevention of ill health and maintaining a positive work life balance are big trends for 2019. The cost of healthcare is rising so there is a focus on preventing ill health and being able to have some downtime to recharge. Having an exercise regime, maintaining a healthy weight, and spending time relaxing are vital for nurses on the go. If you do one thing in 2019, look after yourself and introduce a couple of healthy habits into your routine.It ensures you are in top condition to work in a demanding role.

The Nursing Shortage

2019 will continue to see shortages of nurses, particularly those with a specialist qualification. if you are a travel nurse it is important to sign up with the best travel nursing agency as they take care of placements and fee negotiations for you and leave you to focus on caring. The best agencies also attract the top jobs so in a shortage a nurse can be assured of getting some excellent placements.

2019 promises new developments and opportunities for travel nurses. By anticipating trends a professional travel nurse is ideally positioned to work in a variety of settings and use their expertise to provide excellent care.

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