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Did you know? Podcasts are among the most popular ways to access media, with over 2 million podcasts created in 2021. And with travel nurses’ busy schedules and on-the-go routines, podcasts are the best means to consume nursing content and medical news. With boundless podcasts, it’s normal to feel misguided and uncertain of where to start. Fortunately, Stability combed through all the audio broadcasts and created a list of the top five best podcasts for travel nurses. 

Best Podcasts for Travel Nurses: 

Happy Hour With Operation Happy Nurse

We may be a little biased because we have a partnership with Operation Happy Nurse, but we wouldn’t do it if we weren’t huge fans of what they are doing. Happy Hour with Operation Happy Nurse follows hosts Carley and Shannon as they investigate exciting and trendy activities, treatments, and practices proven to reduce stress. Carley and Shannon tackle a different practice each season, talking to experts within the field and partaking in the practice themselves before debriefing on the experience.

Vintage Travel Nurse

Current travel nurse Mynoucka J. LaFalaise created Vintage Travel Nurse, a blog and podcast dedicated to travel nursing. In her podcast, Mynoucka talks about the ups and downs of travel nursing, student nursing, and being a new nurse. And, she goes above and beyond with special guest appearances and bonus content regarding finances and entrepreneurship.

Travel Nursing & Allied Life 

Travel Nursing & Allied Life is a weekly podcast that touches on five separate mini-series for your updated healthcare travel needs. These courses touch on Industry Trends, Speaker Series, Newbie News, The Healthcare Traveler Minute, and The Exhibitor Minute, all hosted by experts in the medical industry. 

The Happy Traveler 

Hosted by Nurse Kelly, this podcast covers topics such as new trends in travel nurses, healthcare, and healthcare staffing. 

Behind The Scrubs: The Travel Nurse Experience

Behind The Scrubs provides a unique touch on the travel nursing experience by sharing individual traveling clinician stories. This podcast aims to educate, entertain, inspire, and motivate listeners through the livelihoods of these everyday heroes. Also, this podcast features healthcare industry experts, from recruiters to CEOs. 

Other nursing podcasts (unrelated to traveling):

Fresh RN

Kati Kleber created this podcast for nurses by a nurse. She invites other nurses from Fresh RN on the podcast to touch on everything from orientation, code blues, tricks of the trade, personal experiences to time management, delegation, patient deaths, and more. 


Stemming from the popular Instagram, Nurselifern, Ebi takes on a more lighthearted and pleasant approach to the nursing field with stories shared by nurses all over the globe. If you are looking for a laugh or some relatable content, this is the podcast for you! 

The Q Word 

For all the ER nurses, this one’s for you! The Q Word stands for the most taboo word in the emergency room: quiet. Once you say “it’s quiet,” any nurse knows that the whole hospital will swarm with patients. This podcast centers on, you guessed it, the emergency room. 

Podcasts are a great medium to feel connected and learn more about the nursing field. We hope you have enjoyed this list of nursing podcasts. Now, it’s time to start listening! And if you’re feeling inspired for your next placement, take a look at all open roles at Stability Healthcare

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