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Pediatric Oncology travel opportunities are some of the most challenging and rewarding jobs for Stability Nurses.

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Pediatric Oncology Job Description

Pediatric oncologists examine patients, order diagnostic tests, make diagnoses and prescribe treatments. They may also counsel patients and their families on how to deal with their illnesses. Pediatric oncologists often head a treatment team, consisting of other physicians and healthcare workers. Since most conduct research and teach in addition to treating patients, they are usually employed by medical schools or hospitals. However, a minority choose to go into private practice.

Pediatric Oncology Job Requirements

  • Active BLS and PALS from the American Heart Association
  • Active professional license within the state of practice
  • Specialty-related certifications are preferred and may be required for specific positions
  • Experience as a pediatric telemetry RN in a hospital setting

Benefits Of Traveling With Stability Healthcare

Our Stability Healthcare recruiter will work with you to plan out various assignments in hospitals for your travel career in advance. You get the following benefits with Stability Healthcare:

Health Insurance

Pediatric Oncology Travel Nurse compensation is enhanced by Stability Healthcare incentives and benefits, which are:
Day 1 Premium Insurance: Starting on the first day of your assignment, you will be covered by premium insurance (medical, dental, vision, and life insurance).
$15,000 Company-paid Life/ADD Insurance.

Financial Benefits

Yes, Travel Nurses can earn more money with various assignments, but the good news is that it’s not simply the money that attracts people to work as Pediatric Oncology Travel Nurses. With bonuses, extra shift compensation, stipends, and full benefits, travel nurses can significantly improve their earnings in a short period of time.
Stability Healthcare’s incentives and advantages help Pediatric Oncology Travel Nurses earn more money. Such as the following:

PTO for All Nurses
Travel Reimbursement
Referral Bonuses
Extra Hours Bonus
Guaranteed Stipend
Paid Compliance Costs

Travel Nurse Salary & Benefits

What is the average pay for pediatric oncology travel nurses? For a 13-week assignment, our pediatric oncology nurses have the opportunity to earn up to $35,100. Naturally, weekly pay rates and the oncology nurse practitioner salary in general will vary depending on the region, facility, and your level of experience.

It’s vital to note that a pediatric oncology nurse earns around $107,000 per year as a permanent nurse in a single facility. As a result, travel nursing is a rewarding career choice.

Travel Compensation packages, on the other hand, are typically far more generous than those offered by staff nursing positions. The registered Pediatric Oncology travel nurse salary will definitely cover the basic and more needs of anyone interested in the job.

Career Benefits

If you apply to position yourself as a strong candidate for a pediatric oncology travel nurse career you will get many benefits. Stability Healthcare’s Pediatric Oncology Travel Nurse jobs offer many benefits, such as:

Nationwide Jobs
Prestigious Facilities
401 (k) Plan
Joint Commission Certified

Are you looking for a Pediatric Oncology Travel Nursing career option? Check our job opportunities at Stability Healthcare and start a new step in your career!

Travel Nursing Reviews

Jennifer, RN

The response time from my recruiter and nurse specialist is amazing! They both have been so great to work with on my first assignment out in California!!! Chad and Samantha both are super caring and very responsive! I already extended my contract with the hospital because of the smooth process. They made the transition from Florida to California a lot loss stressful than I imagined. Would definitely recommend them both!!!

Tammy D.

My recruiter, and other staff I have had the pleasure of interacting with, are all so friendly and helpful. My recruiter is responsive, and even reached out while she was on vacation to check on me! I’ve worked with other agencies in the past, but Stability is next level when it comes to making your travel nursing experience as seamless as possible! Special shout out to Lindsay (best recruiter ever) and Tracy. Amazing people to work with.

Brittany J.

My recruiter is very responsive and personable. I have NEVER had any issues with them!! This agency even has PTO! None of my co workers with other agencies have this benefit!! Also the rates are equal or higher than most other agencies!! Everything feels more like family than business and for that I would choose stability over any other agency!! I am so happy I chose to work with them!

Sopheare C.

My recruiter Amanda is amazing and always timely with her responses. Debbie who is my nurse experience specialist who is with me all times of the contract is truly awesome. Love how responsive she is and will answer any and all my questions. Big thanks to Jesse my compliance coordinator for making all the appointments and getting me travel ready. Can’t thank my team enough for all they do. Any question or issue I have they resolve right away. And I love that they breakdown each contract into a spread so you know exactly what your getting for the terms of the contract.

Sara R.

I have been incredibly impressed by the professionalism, ease of communication, ability to have all requirements for onboarding fulfilled in a timely manner, and just overall outstanding service. Lindsay Hernandez is my particular recruiter and she has been a pleasure to work with, as well as all the team members at Stability. I’m looking forward to staying with them for my next assignment. I highly recommend them to my nursing friends, and anyone looking to travel as a nurse!

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