Travel Nursing as a Couple – How to Make It Work

The field of travel nursing is fascinating for many. However, when it comes to relationships, things can get a bit challenging. Travel nursing involves many months away from home, different working hours, and continually moving from one city to another. These are things that can put pressure on couples. If you’re determined to make travel nursing as a couple work for the both of you, keep reading. 

When You’re a Travel Nursing Couple

In an ideal situation, you both are travel nurses, which means you both understand the perks link to the career, as well as the downsides. When you’re both travel nurses, it’s easier to navigate the system to make it work.

Finding Assignments

While challenging, you could try to find assignments that help you be closer together. In this case, it’s best to work with the same travel nursing agency, as they’ll be able to work with both of you in finding the right type of assignments. 

However, you also want to be flexible about the arrangements. In a perfect world, you’ll both have the same shift. But, in most cases, you’ll have to be a bit more flexible on shift hours if you want to have a higher chance of finding the same hospital or city. 

Finally, be open about your plan with the agency. Let them know that you’re interested in finding an opportunity alongside your partner. If you’re both excellent nurses, it will be to their advantage to hire you both. As always, be flexible about the options. Just finding a job in the same city should be enough to help you make it work.  

Arranging the Housing

One of the perks of being a traveling nurse couple is that you get to save on housing. There are many options to choose from. Some travel nursing agencies, have housing options, and are more than happy to assist you in finding a home for your assignments. 

One of you can accept the housing offered by the agency while the other accepts stipend housing. This is an excellent option if you share your income. If you don’t choose the house by the agency, you can still find a tax-free housing stipend and split the cost of the rent. 

Again, if you’re working with the right agency and the right recruiter, arranging housing as a traveling nurse couple won’t be an issue. 

When Only One of You Is a Travel Nurse

In the case that only one of your works as a travel nurse, things can get a bit more challenging. As you probably already know, travel nurses have very flexible schedules and living arrangements. Fitting a couple-situation into this scenario requires a compromise on both ends of the relationship to make it work.

Someone Has to Compromise

Thankfully, travel nurses have a fantastic salary, health benefits, and other perks through their employment. One could say it’s enough for the other partner to leave their job and choose to travel with their partner on their assignment. In this case, someone has to make a compromise and decide if that’s what they want to do. 

The partner without the job can become the travel assistant of the relationship. While so many agencies work with travel nurses to make their assignments as smooth as possible, it’s nice to have someone you trust help with all the travel arrangements. They can be the travel support person, who takes control of some of the logistics involved with moving to a new city, working at a new place, and so on. Plus, this will also give them a sense of purpose in your assignments. 

Look for Alternative Options

Thanks to the new gig-based economy, non-travel nurse partners can also be productive and generate income. With ride-sharing apps, delivery services, and other gig-based jobs available, they don’t have to rely on a specific employer location to have a job. 

Talk with your partner and see if they’d be interested in taking on some of these jobs while you’re on assignment. Hopefully, your salary as a travel nurse covers both of your expenses, so whatever your partner gets through their gigs is an additional income you both could use.  

While challenging, traveling nurse couples can still live a normal lifestyle and enjoy their relationship without compromising their career. Working with a trustworthy and flexible agency is the key to making it work. If you still have questions about becoming a travel nurse as a couple, contact our representatives. They are always available to help answer any of your questions. 

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