Ways to Find a Roommate as a Travel Nurse


Nursing is physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging work. No matter where your job as a travel nurse takes you, you’ll want somewhere comfortable to land at the end of the day.

But finding cozy, affordable travel nurse housing can be difficult. Before you commit to an assignment, it’s important to explore the area’s housing options. Make sure there are living spaces available that suit your taste and budget.

Finding a roommate is a great way to expand your choices, save money, and enjoy built-in companionship. Luckily, the internet makes it easy to connect with others who want to share housing.

Are you ready to meet your next travel nursing roomie? If you answered yes, read on for our guide on how to find a roommate as a travel nurse.

The Benefits of Living With a Roommate

Cutting costs isn’t the only benefit of living with a roommate. There are many reasons to share your space when you’re travel nursing.

Making friends in a new city doesn’t happen overnight. It can be hard to have a healthy social life when you move every few months. Finding a roommate means you’ll have immediate company.

Loneliness is a real bummer, and it comes with health consequences. You’ll be grateful to have a support system while you learn to live in your latest location.

It’s even better if you can room with a fellow travel nurse. They will be able to relate to the ups and downs of your transient career. Other travel nurses won’t be bothered by your unpredictable schedule and long hours.

With a roommate, it’s often possible to upgrade your accommodations. A space you wouldn’t be able to afford alone becomes an option when you split the rent. Keep in mind that your housing can make or break the travel nursing experience.

Additionally, if you rent a room from a homeowner, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. Your landlord will be your roommate and your property manager, so you can focus on work and recreation.

Now that you know why roommates are great while travel nursing, here’s how to find them.

Use Your Networking Skills

Many travel nurses find roommates through word of mouth. Do you know someone in the city you’ll be visiting? Ask them for tips.

You’ll be surprised to find out how much people love to help travel nurses find housing. Friends, family members, and friends of friends often have rooms to rent. Sometimes they are even looking for a housesitter.

Stay Social on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to look for accommodations. Search for a travel nursing group specific to your destination. These pages are full of helpful information from nurses who have successfully worked there before.

Someone might even be looking for a roommate. Post about yourself and let everyone know you need a place to live. Keep an eye on the comments for ideas and advice.

You can also look for rentals on Facebook Marketplace. Browse the Property Rentals section for shared, short-term apartments. This is a great tool for international travel nursing assignments.

Negotiate an Airbnb Stay

Travel nursing jobs are often located in places with thriving Airbnb communities. If you find an Airbnb listing you love, ask the host if they will negotiate an extended stay. You might be able to move into their extra bedroom for the duration of your contract.

It’s also possible to reserve an Airbnb for a week or two when you arrive. This will give you time to explore other rentals without worrying about where to sleep.

Browse Craigslist for Hidden Gems

There are hidden gems to be found in the shared housing section of Craigslist. We have heard from plenty of travel nurses who found great roommates this way.

Stay safe by meeting with potential roomies in a public place before you visit the house. Alternatively, bring a friend or co-worker along when you view properties.

Check Furnished Finder

Furnished Finder is a favorite among travel nurses. Landlords on the site are familiar with the domestic travel nursing schedule, and they often cater to nurses. You can request to be connected with potential roommates.

They even offer a travel nurse stipend calculator to help you budget for your next location.

Ask Your Agency for Ideas

If you’re still stuck, ask your agency for help. Travel nursing companies assist nurses with housing questions all the time. If they can’t answer your question directly, they will tell you who to contact.

You might be scheduled to begin your assignment with a group of other travel nurses. If that’s the case, your agency can put you in touch with them to coordinate shared housing.

Before You Sign on the Line

Did you find a roommate? Before you commit, talk about your habits and priorities to avoid future conflict.

Your roommate will need to know if you have pets. They will also want to know if they should expect frequent visitors.

Are you a smoker, a neat freak, or a night owl? Be upfront about these things.

You should also discuss how you will share responsibilities. Who will clean and who will call the landlord when something needs to be fixed?

There are no right or wrong answers, but good communication leads to happier living.

A Roommate Can Improve Your Travel Nurse Experience

Looking for someone to share your housing with can feel overwhelming at first. These tips will make the process smoother and faster. Keep in mind that you can always ask your agency for help if you need it.

Finding a roommate can make your experience as a travel nurse more enjoyable and more lucrative. You’ll gain a friend while saving money for adventures and experiences.

Even if your roomie doesn’t become your best friend, you’ll have a valuable support network in your new city. Over time, you’ll develop a network of contacts all over the world.

If you are interested in starting a travel nursing career, Stability Healthcare can help. Check out our open jobs today to get started.

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