Why San Francisco is the Ideal Placement for Travel Nurses


Looking for some fun in the sun while you travel for work? Then the NorCal city of San Francisco might be for you. SanFran offers plenty of adventures, along with amazing weather. Seen as one of the top destinations in America for its food scene, outdoor adventure, and booming economy, the Bay Area should be on the top of your list. We’ve compiled the top reasons this city is one of the best choices for travel nurses. 

The Weather

San Francisco has one of the more mild climates out of all of the California cities. Contrary to popular belief, the summers there don’t get extremely hot, with an average daily temperature of around 70 degrees and nights falling to about mid 50s. If you want the west coast without the heat, San Fran might be for you. 


Did you know – San Francisco is only seven miles wide and seven miles long? Yes, really! San Francisco is also home to the popular Victorian Houses with, you guessed it, bay windows! Remember the super cute house from Full House? With about 36 different neighborhoods you can choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to a couple of our favorites. 

Cow Hollow

In the 1800s this neighborhood was a cow pasture, hence its name. Cow Hollow has a main hub called Union Street, a great place to shop, eat, and hang out with the younger SanFran crowd. 

Presidio Heights

Located in a central part of town, Presidio Heights is a great residential neighborhood with tons of walking paths and families around. If you’re looking for outdoor adventures with a residential feel, this neighborhood is for you. 

Russian Hill

Russian Hill offers newcomers amazing views, along with great city life amenities including shopping & eateries.

Pay rate

It’s no secret that California is one of the most expensive states to live in, in fact, San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in The United States. But even though the rental prices might be high in SanFran, the pay rate for nurses in Northern California is usually higher than that of nurses in other cities, so if you’re looking to try out California living for a little bit, it could be worth the living expenses for a few months. 


You might know by now that San Francisco isn’t particularly car friendly. Ever seen Princess Diaries? If you like a city with a lot of walkability, then look no further. Having a car in the city can be a hassle. Most apartments make you pay a hefty fee to park your car and the city offers little to no parking options. Instead of driving, the city offers great alternatives, like their bus (BART) and train (Muni) systems. 

The Bay area has a lot to offer travel nurses. Between the mild climate, the great food scene, and the endless outdoor activities, San Francisco is at the top of our list for our next destination. Start the journey to your next placement today

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