2023 Recognitions

Recognitions in 2023

As we bid farewell to an eventful year, Stability Healthcare proudly celebrates our 2023 recognitions that fortified our position in the industry. Amidst market fluctuations, our resilience and dedication propelled us forward, marking 2023 as a year of noteworthy milestones.

Notably, three distinct 2023 recognitions underscore our commitment to excellence.

BluePipes Top Ten Best Travel Nursing Agency

For the past seven years, Bluepipes has conducted a rigorous process to determine the best travel nursing companies by collecting the number and score of reviews from websites like Google, Facebook, Glassdoor, and more. The numbers are calculated and averaged for each agency, comparing current and previous year’s scores.

This year, Stability Healthcare was ranked number 8 in Best Travel Nursing Companies with 240 new reviews, bringing our total number of reviews up to 755. Our total aggregate average score is 96.48, which, according to Bluepipes, “is really high for having such a large number of reviews.” 

Recurring themes in reviews praise our recruiters for their attentiveness, competence, care, and, notably, our commitment to transparency. While we pride ourselves on all these qualities, transparency has always been our thing! We were the first travel nurse agency to show pay packages on our website. Talk about transparency!  Not to mention, our new app which allows travelers to access jobs, and profiles and connect with recruiters on the go. 

LA Business Journal’s No. 1 Fastest Growing Company

Earning the top spot among LA’s fastest-growing companies is a testament to our exponential growth. Amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, our revenue surged by a staggering 733% from 2020 to 2022. During this time, our company skyrocketed as our team worked extremely hard to place nurses in hospitals across the country to help offset the need for healthcare workers. 

But COVID-19 wasn’t the only contributing factor to our company’s success; the other being technology. In 2017, we pivoted from a traditional staffing agency and created new technology for sifting through candidates to make the staffing process more efficient. The LA Business Journal attributed the technology’s success to transparency; “One of the main points of differentiation of the platform was Stability’s transparency when it came to posting jobs.” 

CEO Jason Casani says he wanted this new technology to be first and foremost an advocate for nurses, rooted in efficiency and quality. 

SIA’s Top Ten Fastest Growing Staffing Firm

Securing a spot in the top ten of SIA’s prestigious list acknowledges our sustained growth trajectory. With a CAGR of 105.9% from 2018 to 2022, our performance stands out among 158 qualifying firms. SIA acknowledged the dominance of healthcare staffing firms in light of the pandemic’s demands and emphasized the potential for continued growth.

On top of making this prestigious list, we have also been recognized by Inc. 5000 for their Power Partners Award.

Looking Ahead

While the market anticipates further challenges in 2024, projecting a 5% drop, our steadfast dedication remains unchanged. Hospitals will continue relying on our services to fulfill their healthcare needs. We reaffirm our commitment to delivering transparent, high-quality service to our clinicians. Embracing the future with enthusiasm, we eagerly anticipate collaborating with more travelers and the forthcoming accolades that 2024 will undoubtedly bring.

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