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This may come as a surprise, but one of the best ways to get a look into the life of a travel nurse is to, well, go on Tik Tok! Tik Tok gives a platform to anyone to create any kind of content, and there are plenty of travel nurses that make videos about their experiences. Here are a few of our favorites:


If you’re interested in becoming a travel nurse but don’t really know where to start, @sibsrn is your kind of Tik Toker! She makes videos that are direct and to the point – like the benefits of applying to jobs you think you may not be right for, how to handle a long-distance relationship while being a travel nurse, and skincare basics for a nurse. She makes videos for things you wouldn’t even think of right off the bat, but as soon as you watch them, you’re glad you did! Every so often she gives updates on where her position is, how she’s liking it, and where she’s going next. 

Some of our favorite Tik Toks: One | Two | Three


@byernestion is one of the most well-followed travel nurses on Tik Tok. He’s a strong advocate for Black rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and for being yourself! He’s one of Tik Tok’s travel nurses that posts most regularly, so you can always have new content to see. He is also very blunt when he answers commenters’ questions, so you get an honest viewpoint on his feelings pertaining to being a travel nurse. 

Some of our favorite Tik Toks: One | Two | Three


Courtney Maree (@laughingbabe) shows the adventure-filled lifestyle that travel nurses can live and shares all of her tips and tricks so you can do the same. Her content is the perfect mix of relatable, educational, funny, and also serious. Her positive energy and content creates a welcoming and supportive place for nurses of all levels to enjoy.

Some of our favorite Tik Toks: One | Two | Three


Most of @courtneyzanee25’s Tik Toks delve into the benefits of being a travel nurse, but with a humorous twist! You can watch her pick out which scrub cap she’s going to wear for her shift, see her use memes to illustrate the monetary benefits of being a travel nurse and learn about some of the activities she does where she’s stationed. She injects plenty of her personality in each Tik Tok, making the content more relatable, even for those who aren’t nurses! It’s a good mix of classic Tik Tok dances and funny, informational videos. The comment sections are great to read because they’re often filled with input from other travel nurses or people who are interested in becoming a travel nurse. 

Some of our favorite Tik Toks: One | Two | Three


@reesesRN is a travel ICU nurse. Her Tik Toks chronicle why she wanted to be a travel nurse, how she became one, and what she typically does on her shifts. Her content is very relevant and mirrors today’s social issues. Some videos help expel myths about the COVID vaccine, some advocate for human rights, and some are more lighthearted, like giving insights into what different parts of a hospital smell like. She also often answers questions about travel nursing that other users comment on. All of her videos are informative and important and are up to date with modern medical and social issues. 

Some of our favorite Tik Toks: One | Two | Three


@charley1969 is an ICU travel nurse. There are plenty of great, humorous Tik Tokers, and although @charley1969 is funny, they also have more serious videos thrown in that deal with the hard, emotional sides of being a travel nurse. They provide a realistic side of being a travel nurse that many don’t often see. However, despite the somber tones of some of their Tik Toks, @charley1969 often still offers a positive, encouraging outlook that sheds light on how important travel nurses are. 

Some of our favorite Tik Toks: One | Two | Three


@travelnursetiktokaf uses Tik Tok as a platform to help staff nurses transition to travel nurses. With a plethora of information on travel nursing out there, it is awesome to see the ins and outs of travel nursing from a travel nurse. This account gives a look at the money side of things and how to navigate the profession, but also shines a light on the experiences, the people, and the fun parts of travel nursing. Her videos have you thinking, “who wouldn’t want to be a travel nurse?”

Some of our favorite Tik Toks: One | Two | Three


@mackyoustoopd is another great example of a Tik Toker who creates hilarious bits that not only give you a good laugh but give you first-person thoughts on being a travel CNA! Although most of his content is pretty specific to being a travel CNA, they’re still funny overall and are certainly appealing to anyone who already works in a medical field. Since he posts so many videos on a regular basis, his content spans from the typical occurrences of a night shift to what it’s like working with patients (in his case, specifically for patients in the Psych ward).

Some of our favorite Tik Toks: One | Two | Three

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