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Travel Nurse Job Listings, Salary | Stability Healthcare Nursing Agency

As with all nurses, the skills that travel nurses possess are in high demand. Many medical professionals travel in search of adventure and because the pay tends to be better, but there are many benefits to these job. Of course, with the benefits come certain drawbacks. Fortunately, many of the drawbacks of travel nursing can be eliminated by working with a top staffing agency. Stability Healthcare Nursing Agency takes pride in its ability to place nurses in rewarding jobs with great salaries and outstanding benefits. Traveling nurses who find work through Stability can focus on the benefits of a job and building a professional career while Stability worries about the details.

Nursing Jobs

Nurses are in higher demand than ever. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the nationwide shortage of medical professionals will continue into 2025 at least. The aging population is just one reason for an increased need for medical professionals. For nurses, demand is also being fueled by a lack of people entering the nursing field compared to the number of patients who require care and because nursing educators are in short supply.

The increased need for nurses has boosted salaries (the median salary is $66,640) and created more career opportunities. Travel nursing jobs, for instance, have become a very hot trend. Healthcare facilities need providers to fill gaps that arise from extended absences (e.g. pregnancy) and staff turnover. Hospitals that are already short on staff look to travel nurses when everyday situations leave them in critical need of trained professionals.

Travel Nursing Considerations

Travel nurses get to work in exclusive healthcare facilities, have access to the latest technology, get to learn the most up-to-date evidence-based practices, and can deepen their knowledge by working with leaders in their field. All of these benefits come in addition to the excitement of living in new places, meeting new friends, and building powerful career networks.

Of course, every job comes with limitations. Travel positions usually last from 8 to 26 weeks, which can mean a lot of moving around. Constantly switching jobs can make managing practical matters (e.g. housing, licensure, benefits (e.g. health insurance), and job training) a real burden. Stability staffing agents are used to dealing with the details involved in getting a new job. They focus on the details so that their clients can focus on work and enjoy their free time.

The Benefits of Stability Healthcare Nursing Agency

Stability Healthcare Nursing Agency works hard to ensure that clients are placed in the best situations. This means helping nurses find the jobs that they want, the housing that they need, and the quality of life they desire. Stability Healthcare Nursing Agency makes life easier on its clients by helping out with:

  • Housing - Stability works hard to secure generous benefits that may include company-paid housing, furnished housing, or a large housing subsidy. Stability can also help nurses negotiate larger paychecks if they prefer to make their own housing arrangements (e.g. Airbnb whizzes)
  • Travel reimbursement – Agents work hard to get your fair compensation for moving and for travel to see family.
  • Licensing support and fees – Licensure requirements vary by state and can be a serious hassle. Stability knows how to expedite the process and keep credentialing on track.
  • Bonuses – Stability staffing agents can help clients negotiate bonuses for overtime, performance metrics, education, and much more.
  • Incentives – Not all jobs are created equal. Stability can help convince an employer to sweeten a deal.
  • Benefits packages (medical, dental, and vision) – Stability will not only help clients obtain a generous benefits package, it will help them maintain health coverage while they transition to a new job and help to put measures into place to maintain coverage after an assignment ends.
  • Retirement Needs – Traveling professionals have retirement needs like any other professional. Stability can help to ensure that its clients’ retirement plans are protected and continue to grow no matter what job they take.

By working with Stability, nurses get access to exclusive jobs and have a dedicated advocate in their corner working to secure “must-have” requirements. Stability Healthcare Nursing Agency has one goal – to match nurses with the jobs they desire in the locations where they want to live.