Halloween Costumes for Nurses at Work 
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It’s an inevitable hazard of working as a nurse. Some years, you just have to work on Halloween. It’s the ultimate bummer, even this year when Halloween party options are limited. While some might be getting their sexy nurse costumes ready, you’re putting on your real scrubs and heading in for a long shift. But that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun!

Dressing up for Halloween at work not only makes the day feel more fun and festive for you, it can also really bring joy to your patients. It’s easy to buy some cat ears, or fairy wings. But if you want to mix it up this year and don’t have a lot of time and resources for costume shopping, here are some easy ideas that will make your coworkers and your patients smile. 

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie is a classic Halloween costume because you can look cute, be empowered and all you need is red lipstick and a bandana. You could also trade in your scrubs top for a button down with the sleeves rolled up. If you get some blood and guts on it as the day goes on, that’s okay! Rosie saw some messes in her day, too. 

Nurse Ratched

This year, Ryan Murphy released his deranged prequel of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Nurse Ratched, which will undoubtedly lead to hundreds of artful Halloween costumes. For a nurse, these costumes are even more relevant. Dress up as Sarah Paulson’s sadistic character (or the original Nurse Ratched played by Louise Fletcher) by ordering one of these old fashioned nurse scrub caps, and wearing a button down dress and tights. Depending on which Nurse Ratched you’d want to be, the old or the new, you could tie your hair into two knots at the front of your cap (Fletcher), or in a nice bun behind your cap (Paulson). Your dress could be white (Fletcher) or blue (Paulson). 

Here’s a guide on how to get Paulson’s hairdo. And here’s how to get Fletcher’s victory rolls.

Carol Baskin

The days at the beginning of quarantine where we were all binging Tiger King seem so far away, but Halloween is a perfect time to bring the trends of 2020 full circle. And this one is just too easy and fun to pass up!

All you have to do is wear your hair long and wavy, tuck in a tie dye or tiger print blouse to your scrub pants and wear a flower crown. If you really wanted to have fun with it, you could bring a tiger stuffed animal to work with you, or you could make a sign that says “I didn’t feed my husband to the tigers!” You could even buy a little Ken barbie doll and chain it to your stuffed tiger. A little sadistic? Maybe! But it’s Halloween!

A Girl Scout

This is a cute wholesome one that’s easy to do. Just take a jean vest to put over your scrubs and make yourself some homemade girl scout badges out of colored paper and safety pins. Could be work-related prizes or life-related. Make some extras to pass out to your coworkers and patients. If you give out actual girl scout cookies as well, everyone will really love you!

A Minion

Have some blue scrub pants and a yellow scrub top? Add some blue suspenders to the mix and bam! You’re a minion. Here’s a guide on how to easily make some minion goggles to strap to the top of your head for the day. Kids especially will be your biggest fan. 


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