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To help ease the process of finding work as a traveling RN, you have to be licensed by the state where you will be working as a nurse, and you will also need a multistate license.

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Licensing Guide For Travel Nurses In Texas


  1. Complete the application for Licensure by Endorsement (online or mail it in)
  2. Pay the associated fees
    You now qualify for a temporary license and will need to complete the remaining tasks before the temporary license expires in order to receive a permanent license.
  3. Fingerprints & Complete Background Check
    1. Your fingerprints can be done out of state, just ensure the location works with Texas and recognizes the code “119TF2”
  4. Wait 10 days after you have filed the endorsement application and then schedule to take the Texas Nursing Jurisprudence Exam (NJE).
    While you wait, prepare for the exam. It’s recommended that you:

    1. View a copy of the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) and Board Rules and Regulations on our website.
    2. Take the online jurisprudence prep course on the Board’s web site. This course is voluntary and contains information about the NPA and Rules and Regulations of the Texas Board of Nursing.
  5. Verification of licensure from all states and countries in which the nurse has held a license.
    1. If the state(s) participate in Nursys, you must complete the Nursys verification process, pay their fee and designate Texas as the receipt of the verification.
    2. If the state(s) do not participate in Nursys, you must contact their state Boards directly for further instructions. You will need to send them the Verification of License form to complete and submit to the Texas Board of Nursing on your behalf.


  1. Verification of ALL licenses held, current or expired
  2. Must pass TX Nursing Jurisprudence Examination


Temporary License: Within 15 business days upon receipt of all required documents. The temporary license is valid for 120 days.

Permanent License:Within 15 business days upon receipt of the last item that completed your application.


Renewal of your license occurs every 2 years

  1. Complete application (can be done online or mailed in)
  2. You may renew licenses online unless one of the following is true: (1) You have defaulted on a Texas Guaranteed Student Loan (TGSL); (2) You have not met the mandatory continuing nursing education (CNE) requirements and/or has been selected for a CNE Audit. Proof of continuing nursing education must be received in our office in order for the license to be released or renewed; (3) You have been selected for a Criminal Background Check (CBC) and the process has not yet been completed; (3a) If you are a Texas resident follow the instructions: For Applicants Residing in Texas, (3b) If you are not a Texas resident follow the instructions: For Applicants Residing Outside of Texas, (3c) If you do not have a U.S. issued Social Security number, follow the instructions: For Applicants Without a Social Security Number
  3. Your primary state of residence is a compact state other than Texas. Check here to see more information regarding the Nurse Licensure Compact and to check if your state is included.
  4. Your license number and/or last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN) entered do not match the information on the Board’s files
  5. Your license is Delinquent or on Inactive Status
  6. Pay the fee: $65.00

Complete 20 required contact hours related to the area of expertise


Endorsement Application
Background Check

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