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Whether you’ve been working as a travel nurse for years or you are just entertaining the idea, travel nursing blogs will have everything that you need. These blogs give you a peek into the life of a traveling nurse through various topics and stories. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best blogs, packed with helpful advice and information. With these resources, you’ll have answers to questions that you didn’t even know you had. 

The Gypsy Nurse

When you go searching for information you are sure to come across The Gypsy Nurse. According to their site, it’s “the #1 most-recognizable brand in travel nursing today.” The website is easy to navigate because it is broken down into simple categories: a job board, resources, articles, reviews, events, and a community page. After signing up, you can access any of these pages. The articles tab is one of the most helpful. The page is updated often, and the articles range from “5 Things To Consider Before Quitting A Difficult Assignment” to “Travel Nurse Pets On Assignment.” Besides the blog posts being detailed, they’re also very personal. A majority of them use real photos and real life stories, providing an in-depth, realistic look into the lives of a travel nurse.

The Traveling Nurse

The traveling nurse is run by a travel nurse and is filled with plenty of stories, photos, and tips on how to give back while you’re a travel nurse. K Chandler Rosemont, the primary author, gives specific examples of philanthropy on the road, like being able to provide a Kenyan hospital with new scrubs. She has traveled to two countries – India and Kenya. On top of this, Rosemont also runs an Instagram that has amassed quite a following. Just by looking at her aesthetically pleasing photos, you’ll want to hop on your next assignment!

American Traveler

American Traveler’s travel nurse blog is a bit more on the traditional, information side. However, just because it may not be the most aesthetically-pleasing, doesn’t mean it’s not helpful! This particular blog posts extremely relevant information – like how the Coronavirus is affecting traveling nurses or what shoes are most comfortable during your shift.The blog has been active since 2015, so it has plenty of content to browse through. 

Travel Nursing Blogs

A huge plus to Travel Nursing Blogs is the ability to “ask a travel nurse!” On this specific page, you can ask any question you may have. Questions are answered by David Morrison,  who has two-decades-plus of travel experience. In addition to answering questions on the blog, Morrison actually wrote the Travel Nurse’s Bible, a book that acts as a detailed guide for a traveling nurse. 

On the other hand, if you have questions specific to housing, you can submit a question to Jill Budler, who is the current Director of Housing at Medical Solutions.

Off The Clock Nurse

If you’re hungry for adventure, this is the blog for you. Off The Clock Nurse focuses a bit more on the travel side of things. Each post outlines a different adventure that the author was able to take while travel nursing, like visiting Oregon’s Tulip Festival. Browsing through the blog gives a great idea of some of the activities and trips you can plan while traveling. Each post describes the respective trip, with plenty of photos. Use it to help plan your own trips, find out the best restaurants to eat at, and read about some of the highlights of being a traveling nurse.

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