Top Travel Nursing Podcasts

  September 16, 2021

Did you know? Podcasts are among the most popular ways to access media, with over 2 million podcasts created in 2021. And with travel nurses’ busy schedules and on-the-go routines, podcasts are the best means to consume nursing content and medical news. With boundless podcasts, it’s normal to feel misguided and uncertain of where to […]

Featured Nurse: D’Anna Ramirez

  September 9, 2021

This week we’re excited to feature one of our rockstar nurses, D’Anna! D’Anna is just wrapping up her placement in Lakewood, California, and has been a nurse for over 19 years. We’re so grateful to have D’Anna as a member of the Stability family! What is your current specialty and placement? ICU- Lakewood, CA What […]

Featured Nurse: Araceli Garcia

  August 31, 2021

This week we’re excited to feature Stability nurse, Araceli Garcia! What has it been like working during the pandemic? Working during the pandemic has been mentally and physically exhausting. As a frontline worker working in the emergency room, we are first to face every aspect of covid. We undoubtedly face any challenge that comes in […]

5 things to do in stressful moments

  August 26, 2021

We understand that while being a nurse is a rewarding career, it can also be incredibly stressful. According to a 2013 report from the Department of Professional Employees, about one-third of nurses surveyed reported an emotional exhaustion score that qualified them as “high burnout.” Not to mention, stress takes on different shapes such as tense […]

Stability Summer Playlist

  August 13, 2021

Spending five minutes dancing every day improves your mood, increases endurance, and improves strength. Why wouldn’t you have a one-person dance party before every shift? We put together a playlist with some summer favorites to keep you moving. Let’s dance! Stolen Dance / Milky Chance Feel It Still / Portugal. The Man T-Shirt Weather / […]

Featured Nurse: Kali Lowry


After spending 14 years in the ICU, Kali Lowry took the risk to start traveling and wishes she would have taken the leap sooner. Being a mother to two, she balances the travel life with being a mama and thrives in both departments. We couldn’t be happier to have Kali as a Stability Nurse! Read […]

Cool down after a long shift with these easy summer recipes

  August 6, 2021

Summer is in full swing! Temperatures are swelling, and chances are your calendar is, too. That is why we wanted to share the inside scoop on ways to cool off and keep you refreshed after those long, hectic workdays.  Popsicles are a must-have cold treat for those hot summer days. Plus, it’s easy to make […]

Everything You Need to Know About AntePartum (AP) Nurses

  August 2, 2021

When pregnancy complications happen, pregnant women and their babies need close monitoring. For this, they can count on AntePartum nurses to receive the help and care they need to protect their health and the health of their unborn baby. AntePartum (AP) nurses manage high-risk pregnancies alongside specialists toward optimal outcomes. If a career in AntePartum […]

Stability Healthcare Ranked 4th Best Travel Nursing Agency

  July 28, 2021

BluePipes took a look at over 350 travel nursing companies based on reviews left by nurses on 6 of the most reputable review sources. Stability Healthcare skyrocketed in 2021 and was ranked 4th best travel nursing company thanks to glowing reviews from our nurses. “Stability Healthcare comes in at number 4 on our list of […]

10 Exercises you can do at work

  July 19, 2021

As a travel nurse, it’s not uncommon to work long shifts while providing first-rate care to your patients. Although rewarding, this strenuous routine can hinder your physical health. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least thirty minutes of moderate physical activity per day to keep your heart healthy and improve your well-being overall. That’s […]

Packing tips and tricks for travel nurses

  July 15, 2021

Congratulations, nurses! You have completed the paperwork and found a placement. Now, it’s time to embark on your travel journey. The next step is to think about what you are going to take with you. As a travel nurse, you face a unique situation. You aren’t entirely staying too long or too short in one […]

Nurse of the Month: Rachel Venugopal

  July 7, 2021

Meet July’s Nurse of the Month – Rachel! Rachel is a Cardiac step-down nurse that picked up travel nursing during the pandemic. She has a passion for nursing and it brings her joy to help others and push herself to be a better nurse. Travel nursing gave her the opportunity to meet new people, to […]

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