Featured Clinician: Laurie

  July 6, 2022

Meet this week’s Featured Clinician, Laurie! Laurie is a Med Surg travel nurse that is currently soaking up some sun in Florida. She’s been in the healthcare field for 40 years and loves being around her coworkers at the hospital. Learn more about Laurie below: Meet Laurie What is your current specialty and placement?  Med […]

Why Nurses Can Be LGBTQIA+’s Biggest Allies

  June 29, 2022

As pride month comes to a close, it’s only right that we recognize the nurses who are making the world safer and helping to provide essential care for LGBTQ Americans.  As Executive Director of @NationalNurses Bonnie Castillo put it in her 2019 blog post, “As registered nurses, our profession is built on a foundation of […]

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month

  June 15, 2022

June is recognized as Men’s Health Month, and with that comes a renewed interest in keeping yourself and those around you healthy. With travel nursing comes long hours and constantly changing environments. It can be easy to get caught up on the health of others and lose sight of your own health.  In relatively recent […]

10 Ideas for Summer Travel Nursing Placements

  June 13, 2022

Travel nurses don’t get summers off. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t get a summer! If you’re more attuned to a sweltering climate, a mild temperature, or simply don’t care as long as you can be outside, there’s a city for you. Look below to see 10 recommendations for summer placements, all ranging in […]

Featured Nurse: Jessica L.

  May 31, 2022

Meet Jessica! Jessica is a Stability nurse currently working in the L&D unit. She loves the flexibility that travel nursing offers her so she can make the most of her time with family and plenty of time for adventures. What is your current specialty and placement?  Labor and delivery What is your favorite part of […]

Easy Breakfasts for Travel Nurses

  May 28, 2022

Working as a travel nurse you have limited time to eat a yummy, nutritious breakfast. Here are some recipes that are easy to make ahead of time so whether you’re off to work in the morning or coming home after nightshift, you’re ready to go! Chia Pudding Ingredients: Chia seeds Plant based milk Maple syrup […]

Featured Nurse: Angela

  May 18, 2022

Meet Angela! Angela is a Stability nurse currently working on a placement in Brunswick, Georgia. She just started travel nursing and when she isn’t at work you’ll find her boating or crafting (probably something with glitter)! Read more: What is your current specialty and placement? Med Surg- Brunswick Georgia What is your favorite part of […]

Words of Wisdom for Travel Nurses from Stability Nurses

  May 9, 2022

There’s no one better to take advice from than people who are in the field working as travel nurses. That’s why we’ve consulted a handful of Stability nurses to find out what advice they would give a first-time traveler. Are you a well-versed traveler with tips to share? Drop us an Instagram DM! My biggest […]

Discounts & Freebies to Celebrate Nurses Week 2022

  May 6, 2022

Every year for Nurses Week, businesses thank healthcare workers by offering special deals or freebies for nurses and healthcare staff. Our friends over at Nurse Journal have a running list and we decided to highlight some of our favorites. You can find the full list HERE! Danform Shoes: Danform offers 20% off nurse discounts on […]

Top 3 Nursing Specialities

  April 18, 2022

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is the largest workforce within the healthcare industry, with over 2.5 million practicing nurses. This workforce is only growing as demand has risen due to the pandemic and the number of nurses retiring. The demand for nurses stretches across multiple different specialties within healthcare and we’ve narrowed […]

Featured Nurse: Jessica

  April 15, 2022

Meet Jessica! Jessica is a Stability nurse currently working in the gastroenterology unit in New York City. She loves reading and getting outside with her kids. Keep reading to learn more! What is your current specialty and placement?  Gastroenterology RN in New York What is your favorite part of travel nursing?  Meeting and working with […]

How to do Taxes as a Travel Nurse

  April 14, 2022

Navigating taxes is a bit more complex as a travel nurse. From filing your taxes to keeping proof of payments, we can help you prepare for tax season properly! Here’s all the information on what you need to know about travel nurse taxes: Travel nurses are compensated differently than regular staff nurses because they receive […]

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