AntePartum (AP)

AntePartum (AP) nurses work in some of the top Children’s Hospitals and departments across the country.


The role of the hematology / oncology / BMT nurse is to administer patient care in a specialized manner to patients who are preparing for bone marrow transplant or recovering from one.

Burn Unit

Start your easy and fast search of Stability Healthcare’s nationwide Burn Unit traveling nurse jobs here. Our mission is to provide the adventure and exploration of travel, along with the comforts of home!

Cardiac Cath Lab (CCL)

Cath Lab Nurses working with cardiac care units in prestigious medical facilities, find they are desirable and well-compensated…

Cardiovascular OR

Traveling RN’s with a specialty in the Cardiovascular Operating Room (CVOR) are often a part of life-saving teams.

Case Management

Coordinating and implementing the treatment of patient care starts with Case Managers. With travel opportunities in every state, experience Travel Nursing while continuing to build your resume.


Stability CVICU Nurses receive some of the highest paying assignments due to the advanced training and required experience for this field.


Dialysis nursing assignments enable traveling RNs to choose great assignments while honing their skills in the treatment of kidney disease.

Emergency Room

Emergency rooms are on the front lines and must address “true emergencies” with patients coming from diverse backgrounds…


High-Paying Endoscopy travel nursing assignments allow RN’s to work in top hospitals and expand their gastroenterology skills.

Home Health

Home Health travel nurses can find competitive pay and challenging opportunities across the U.S.

House Sup

Stability provides amazing travel opportunities for House Supervisors in cities across the U.S.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Critical-care nursing, or Intensive-Care-Unit (ICU) nursing, takes an understanding mind, quick thinking and requires focus and stamina…

Interventional Radiology

Become a member of a Radiology department and get exposure to new innovative procedures in some of the best hospitals.

Labor and Delivery (L&D)

As one of most in-demand specialties in the nursing field, L&D nurses have opportunities in hospitals, birthing centers, and clinics across the US…

Long-term Care

Often working with the elderly, Long-term care Nurses care for patients with illness or conditions that require care for extended periods of time


Travel positions for Nurse Managers are rewarding and provide an opportunity to further your diverse management experience.


Traditionally viewed as an entry level position, today Med/Surg is a specialty as it requires nurses to master so many skills.

Med/Surg Wound Care

Wound care nurses (WOC) have many names, including continence and ostomy nurses. These nurses specialize in the proper management of wound care by treating and monitoring wounds that are the result of disease, injury, or medical treatments.


Traditionally viewed as an entry-level position, today Med/Surg is a specialty as it requires nurses to master so many skills…

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Stability Healthcare places NICU travel nurses in Leve I, II, III and IV facilities across the country. Working with top physicians at some of the best facilities…


An Oncology travel nursing job can be one of the most challenging and rewarding assignments. Make the most out of your next travel nursing adventure…

Operating Room

As an OR Nurse, you have the ability to work in a wide variety of settings from hospital surgical departments and ambulatory surgery units to rural clinics…

OR Technician

Traveling Surgical (OR) Tech’s can find amazing opportunities in hospitals across the county. Whether you are looking for a large city or rural town, there’s a job to be found…

Pediatric ER

Pediatric ER nursing jobs are in demand and provide opportunities at top Children’s, Magnet hospitals and trauma centers across the country.

Pediatric Med-Surg

Traveling Pediatric nurses can find high paying contracts at well respected medical facilities in California and New York.

Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric Oncology travel opportunities are some of the most challenging and rewarding jobs for Stability Nurses.

Pediatric Telemetry

Pediatric Telemetry nurses enjoy rewarding travel assignments in children’s hospitals and magnet facilities throughout the US.

Post Anesthesia

Stability Healthcare offers PACU travel nursing jobs in post-op recovery units at top medical facilities…

Postpartum / Mother-Baby

Postpartum RN’s who travel can choose from 100’s of top rated hospitals throughout the US and receive great benefits.


The need for Psychiatric nurses continues to increase. This is a great time to take advantage of generous compensation as a traveler…


Rehabilitation Nurses help patients, who still require some nursing care, adapt physically and emotionally to lifestyle changes and teaches them new skills as well as providing other nursing care. The primary goals of a Rehab Nurse is to help patients attain or maintain maximum function.

Telemetry Med/Surge

Travel RN’s looking Tele Med-Surg opportunities have come to the right place. Stability posts hundreds of new assignments every day…

Telemetry Step-Down

Tele Step-Down Nurses are in high demand. Enjoy the challenges of this career in one of hundreds of cities across the United States…


Telemetry nurses work in a challenging and rewarding environment. With one to one patient interaction, you’ll experience a caring element to the job…

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