Top 5 Travel Nursing Podcasts of 2021
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You are one of the elite group of about 25,000 that can call themselves traveling nurses. And, there are podcasts made just for you!

Podcasts for traveling nurses help to provide an outlet for information to stay current and updated with changes in the profession, and also to stay entertained. Have you tuned in to some of these nursing podcasts already, or are you just starting your search? Let’s check out the top 5.

Play That Podcast

Why podcasts? Nursing is a challenging profession, and when you add in the issues of traveling it becomes even more difficult. But, it’s our lives, and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Podcasts are a way to become educated, informed, and even unwind with content that we can tune into, pause, and restart whenever we have time. Audio allows us to listen in as we travel by plane, train, automobile (or on foot.)

Do you have stories/experiences that you would like to share? Many of these podcast hosts would love to hear from you!

Good Nurse Bad Nurse

If you are going to get hooked on a podcast, at least let it be a long-running one. Good Nurse Bad Nurse podcast host Tina describes her work as educational and encouraging material for nurses. Episodes are long (30 mins-90 mins) which is great for those days when you have the time to relax and enjoy, or for long travel days.

Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

With almost 200 episodes, this “cutting edge” podcast informs and educates nurses so that they can show up as their best self on their next shift- as host Elizabeth Scala claims. More than just another informative podcast, Your Next Shift is thrilling and entertaining with guest nurses from all over the world telling their stories about their nursing jobs.

This podcast gives you the strength to go on when you wake up feeling like you can’t. Remember why you chose this profession, and what the benefits of traveling nursing are.


Their motto is “getting to the heart of travel healthcare,” and they cover not only travel nursing culture but all types of traveling healthcare workers. Relatable content from professionals and fellow travelers. Hosted by former healthcare workers, Sunny and Mark.

There are about 30 episodes with a lengthy write up describing the material that is covered in each episode so that you can read through and decide if you want to listen or skip to the next one.

Nursing Uncensored

Do you want to hear real people talk about real problems? Nursing Uncensored deals with the mental and physical health issues of nurses, and tons of other subjects surrounding the realities that nurses personally face every day.

This podcast is unique in that it covers some controversial topics, not just the vanilla stuff. There’s more to love about Nursing Uncensored with Adrienne’s blog, and videos on her website.

The Happy Traveler

Nurse Kelley talks about self-care, traveling with your family, working as a nurse during the Covid-19 pandemic, and much more. Episodes are short and sweet ranging from 8 minutes to about half an hour, available on Apple podcasts.

Nursing Podcasts

To take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. That’s what nursing podcasts are there for! Tune in, and tune out.

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