Looking for a Travel Nursing Job? Learn How Technology and Stability Healthcare Work Together

“I was checking the job board for Stability! I really like the transparency, I can see if it’s something I’m interested with the pay package. Super helpful!”

“The recruiter free jobs platform is great. I have control on my job search now and it’s comforting knowing the weekly rates are listed.”

Stability Healthcare’s recruiter-free job search allows you to have the freedom to view jobs and rates of your choice. Our unique platform brings technology and job placements together in an efficient and easy way, giving YOU the control and access to your career goals. As a travel nurse you are always adapting to new environments and Stability Healthcare creates the ability to have control of it all.

Tablets, smartphones, electronic medical records and other new technologies have permeated many nurses’ professional and personal lives. Without a doubt, the introduction of new technologies have brought considerable changes to a nurse’s day-to-day life, and it’s also changing the way job placements are handled. For example, charts are now easier to read and lab results can be available in real time, minimizing potential errors.

“Everything in our lives is made simple by technology; finding a travel nurse job should be no different.”

How Does Technology Help The Job Process?

  • Easy Research- Stability’s recruiter-free search means you can view the jobs you want at the rates that you want. You’re given the opportunity to explore for new information that may not have been available before.
  • Better Communication- stay connected with Stability Healthcare at your fingertips. Technology makes communicating with our team and your future placement more efficient!
  • Instant Online Rates- two words: pay transparency. Who doesn’t love that?
  • Faster Interviews- search for your job online, enter information on your profile, and select your ideal job, city and pay. These are all things that make your interview process quicker.
  • Everything In One Place- have all your questions answered by visiting our FAQ page.

If you’re looking for a travel nurse agency, new housing or a new city for a new adventure, look no further than Stability. Technology doesn’t make or break a nurse, but it certainly helps put you in control.

While we can all acknowledge the advantages of using technology, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Stability has made it simple and easy. You’ll have more time for yourself as well as your family or current job. This is what we all live for, right? You’re using technology everyday, so why not use it while comparing your next nursing placement?

As a travel nurse you are used to adapting to new environments, cities and processes. Technology is the same way. It’s always progressing and evolving. From finding friends to finding a new food spot or hiking place- there’s an app for everything these days. Let technology be useful in your professional life not just your personal life.


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