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Meet Amellia! She is currently on her second placement with Stability in Amsterdam, New York. As someone who loves exploring new cities, traveling was calling her name. Keep reading to learn more about Amellia:

What is your current specialty and placement? 

Sonography, Amsterdam, NY

What is your favorite part of being a travel healthcare worker? 

I love the flexibility that it allows and the opportunity to see parts of the country I never would have even thought to visit. It provides financial stability while learning new things within your field and fine-tuning your skills.

What is a place on your bucket list for a travel job? 

Alaska!! I would also love to visit PNW and Wyoming at some point, maybe even Hawaii!

Tell us about your career history – how did you become a travel clinician? 

I knew going into ultrasound school was an opportunity for sonographers so I went through school and got the 2 years of experience needed to start, so far I’ve had absolutely no regrets.

Have you found any sort of community while being a travel clinician? 

Somewhat, I’m still a newbie in the travel world but I’ve gotten to meet several travelers and ex-travelers at my current assignment who have given me a wealth of knowledge about the field.

What are some of your favorite hobbies and activities outside of work? 

I love to go and explore new cities and smaller towns around my assignment location. I enjoy photography and design as well as video games!

What do you always pack? 

My computer, my dog and necessities.

Any advice for future travelers?

Be flexible! This is an amazing opportunity and the more flexible you are the happier you will be, and make the most of your time. You can do anything for 12 weeks.

What are your go-to ways to relieve stress?

Walking my dog or relaxing in a bath with some wine.


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