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Meet Jana, a Neuro Spine/Ortho nurse who is currently on a placement with Stability! Jana met a travel nurse while working at a hospital during nursing school and knew that travel nursing was the path for her. Keep reading to learn more about her travel nursing journey!

What is your current specialty and placement?

Neuro spine/ortho

What is your favorite part of being a travel healthcare worker?

I get to see so many new places and get to make new friends!

What is a place on your bucket list for a travel job?

I would love to go to Arizona to see all the national parks.

Tell us about your career history – how did you become a travel clinician?

I didn’t have a specific specialty when I was in nursing school. I was working in a hospital and I met one of the best travel nurses. He said that once I graduated that he thought I would make a great travel nurse. I’ve always wanted to travel so I set my goal to be a travel nurse!

Have you found any sort of community while being a travel clinician?

I stay in an RV during my assignment, most of the time there are other travelers there.

What are some of your favorite hobbies and activities outside of work?

My family and I love to hike and be outdoors.

What do you always pack?

My entire family! I homeschool my kids so it gives us the freedom for them to come with me.

Any advice for future travelers?

Always do your research before signing a contract (site, general population, etc.)

What are your go-to ways to relieve stress?

Stepping out and getting a breath of fresh air.

Tell us a little about your mental health journey. What do you struggle with/have you struggled with in the past? What has helped you work through your struggles?

I started suffering with Depression at an early age due to my dad passing. I always think of the people who care and support me when I’m feeling down or having a bad day. I go outside check out the scenery and clear my head.

Are you interested in becoming a Stability travel nurse? Check out our open jobs today!

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