Top 3 Travel Nursing Placements for Outdoor Lovers
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Travel nursing provides the perfect opportunity to adventure and explore places you’ve never seen before. It also is a great way to be in a place long enough to fully grasp what a city or town has to offer.

For those more outdoor inclined, there are countless placements that will give you a chance to see what Mother Nature has to offer. From the beaches to the forest, here are some of the best cities that will fulfill your nature needs:

Denver, Colorado

Nestled in between the plains and the mountains lies the city of Denver. As Denver grows, there are ample job opportunities for nurses. Just because this city is growing in urban terrain doesn’t mean that any of the surrounding natural wonders are diminished. Within the city, the Platte river allows for access to kayaking and more water-based activities right at your fingertips. Want more? Right outside the city new adventures await in every direction.

Satisfy your nature needs


Click here to find current placements in Denver.

Weekly Pay Estimate: $800-$1,600

Billings, Montana

The city of Billings, Montana is the ideal place for someone who wants that small town feel, but with the plethora of activities that a big city offers. Montana is a state rich in nature and history. Depending on the time of year, you could spend your days skiing, or hiking in the sunshine. Listing all of the places and things to do outside in and around Billings would require its own article, so we’ve narrowed down a few options to help you get the picture.

Satisfy your nature needs


Click here to find current placements in Billings.

Weekly Pay Estimate: $1,300-$1,700

Boise, Idaho

Situated on the edge of the mountains and high desert, Boise, Idaho is a hub for all sorts of outdoor opportunities. This inland city with a population of around 200,000 is more or less a hidden gem in terms of popular cities to live in. Despite its low profile, living in Boise gives you quick access to hiking and biking trails, rivers, streams, ski hills and mountains.

Satisfy your nature needs


Click here to find current placements in Boise.

Weekly Pay Estimate: $1,200-$1,600

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