The Benefits of Travel Nursing With a Family

a travel nurse with family in a car on the way to her next assignment

Travel nursing can be an amazing opportunity to explore the country or the world and meet new people while helping save lives and make a good living. However, a common misconception is that travel nursing can be a lonely experience that takes you away from friends and family and is only for a single person or couples without children. 

Not so. Did you know that over 50% of travel nurses have families? Many nurses are now successfully navigating the world of travel nursing with their families in tow, in particular thanks to the rise in remote learning and working and the high demand for healthcare workers that gives way to more and more benefits. 

But what makes travel nursing with a family so appealing? We will explore the numerous benefits travel nursing can bring and how it can enrich not only your career but also your family life in ways you never imagined.

So, if you’ve been hesitant due to your family to take a leap into your dream job that combines traveling and nursing, we can help you with a full picture of the opportunities that await you and your loved ones.

Can You Work in Travel Nursing With Family?

Many travel nurses are able to balance their careers with their personal lives by involving their spouses or children in their assignments.

Some travel nurses have spouses who are also in the healthcare field, allowing them to work together in the same location or nearby facilities. This arrangement not only enables them to support each other professionally but also allows them to spend quality time together during their assignments.

In cases where travel nurses have children, they often have the option to bring their families with them on their assignments. Travel nursing agencies may provide assistance in finding suitable accommodation for families and offer resources such as schools and daycare facilities.

This allows travel nurses to have their loved ones nearby, creating a sense of stability and support during their time away from home.

Can a Single Parent Be a Travel Nurse?

Some travel nurses are single mothers and fathers who manage to balance their careers and family responsibilities thanks to advanced planning and support from their travel nursing recruiter.

These individuals take time with careful planning to get their assignments done during school breaks or short periods when they can be away from their children. They may rely on the support of family members, friends, or trusted childcare providers to care for their children during breaks and while they are on assignment. This arrangement allows them to maintain a consistent income while still being actively involved in their children’s lives.

Count on Flexibility as a Travel Nurse

Remember that besides a higher average salary, travel nursing also offers flexibility and customized benefits packages that can accommodate various family dynamics, which has always been the benefit of travel nursing. Almost all travel assignments offer extra financial support for housing and transportation (like car rentals), and some will even offer daycare support.

Whether it involves having a spouse or children join them on assignments or strategically planning assignments around school breaks, these nurses with families are able to find ways to balance their personal and professional lives.

This adaptability is one of the many advantages of pursuing a career in travel nursing.

But, we’re here for the question of whether there are any benefits to families who come along with travel nurses. Of course, there are, and let’s go over several of them.

Benefits of Travel Nursing Along With Family

Travel nursing doesn’t just benefit the worker; if planned accordingly, any travel nurse assignment can bring many benefits to a nurse’s family as well.

Flexibility for quality time with family and their needs

In this line of work, flexibility for your family’s needs is essential. As a travel nurse, you may have concerns about how your family will adapt to the constant change of travel nursing assignments. But fear not, because travel nursing with family can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

You have the ability to choose assignments that accommodate your family’s needs. For example, this might mean you can select summer assignments in locations that offer good activities for your children or assignments that are close to your spouse’s job.

You can even schedule your assignments around important family events, such as birthdays or holidays. Don’t be afraid to make a special request to your recruiter, as they can frequently find the perfect job for you in any case.

In the post-pandemic world, where remote learning and work have increased in popularity, remote job options for nurses are no longer the disruptors of family life they might’ve been before. Hybrid models allow a spouse or significant other to easily just work from a variety of locations around the country, for example.

Strengthened family bond

By embarking on this journey together, you create lasting memories and forge a stronger connection with your entire family.

One of the key advantages of travel nursing with your family is the opportunity to spend quality time together. In a traditional nursing job, your busy schedule might limit the amount of time you can dedicate to your loved ones. Many traveling nurses also take their assignments during their kids’ summer break or vacation time as opportunities to visit family and friends in other cities and states, meaning they can actually use their frequent moving as a way to strengthen family bonds. 

However, as a travel nurse, you have the flexibility to choose assignments that allow for more family time.

Whether it’s exploring a new city, taking a family hike, or simply enjoying a meal together, these shared experiences foster a sense of togetherness and strengthen your family bond.

Experience new places together

Another benefit of travel nursing with family is exploring new places together. Your family can have new culinary and cultural experiences, enjoying new landscapes as you move from one travel nurse assignment to another. 

This not only enriches your own lives but also broadens your children’s horizons and teaches them valuable life lessons.

Imagine exploring the vibrant streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras or witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon. These experiences not only broaden your horizons but also provide valuable educational experiences for your children. They’ll have the chance to learn about different cultures firsthand, fostering a sense of curiosity and understanding in them.

Educational opportunities for children

Moreover, travel nursing allows you to expose your children to a variety of learning opportunities. They can attend local schools or engage in remote learning while being immersed in different educational systems. This exposure won’t only enhance their academic knowledge but also teach them valuable life skills such as adaptability and resilience.

Nursing with kids can be challenging, but travel nursing provides a unique opportunity for your children to experience different cultures and educational environments. They’ll have the chance to learn about diverse traditions, participate in new activities, and interact with people from different backgrounds.

Additionally, adapting to new schools and communities can foster resilience and adaptability in your children, which is not unlike how children of military parents mature and learn.

This exposure broadens their horizons and promotes their personal growth, all while strengthening the bond within your family. So don’t hesitate to seize this incredible opportunity to serve others and enrich your family’s lives with a travel nursing contract.

Financial Advantages and Employment Opportunities in Desired Locations

By traveling as a nurse with your family, you can enjoy the employment and financial advantages that come with this unique lifestyle. As a travel nurse, you have numerous opportunities to explore different travel nursing jobs and assignments, which often come with very attractive financial benefits. Having a family should not limit you in this regard.

One of the most significant advantages is the housing stipend provided by travel nursing contracts.

Instead of being confined to hospital-provided housing, you can receive a stipend to cover your housing and travel expenses. This gives you the freedom to choose the type of accommodation that suits your family’s needs and preferences, with many travel nursing contracts often including extra money in a job offer to accommodate children and a spouse on the trip. This means that not only do you get to explore new places, but you also receive financial support to cover your transportation costs and better housing options or even an RV.

Being able to take your family with you or having flexible schedules will help you accept travel assignments in desired locations that might pay better or be more attractive.

These advantages can provide you with the flexibility to support your family’s needs while enjoying the benefits of travel nursing.

Enhanced Personal Growth

We understand that it is a tough choice, but deciding to be a travel nurse while having a family can lead to profound personal growth opportunities. As you embark on this journey, you may discover new strengths, skills, and capabilities within yourself, finding a sense of empowerment and fulfillment. The experience of being a travel nurse allows you to step out of your comfort zone, adapt to new environments, and embrace change. This can enhance your personal growth in numerous ways.

Working with different healthcare facilities through a travel nursing agency exposes you to diverse patient populations, medical practices, and healthcare systems. This exposure broadens your expertise and makes you a more well-rounded nurse.

The challenges and rewards of traveling as a nurse with your family also extend to your personal life.

Traveling with your family as a nurse also provides the chance to deepen your relationships. Sharing new experiences, exploring new places, and overcoming challenges together can create lasting bonds and memories. It allows you to strengthen your communication and teamwork skills, both within your family and with your fellow nurses in the travel nursing community.

How To Overcome Some Challenges of Traveling With Family

To be sure, there are some challenges involved in traveling with the family for work, at least before you can see the full benefits or from a lack of planning. With a travel nurse position, as with any traveling job, there must be careful planning and considerations before taking the jump. 

Among the top challenges are

  • Feeling dragged into traveling 
  • Loneliness and boredom,
  • Problems at school for children,
  • Making new friends,
  • Spouses being bored if not working, 
  • Not having childcare options

These are only a few challenges that travel nursing as a family or a couple can present. But as we’ve said, fret not, there are ways to make it work.

To solve many of these issues, the main answers are two: Honest communication and planning

Honest communication is key because the needs, well being, and thoughts of your family members must be taken into consideration at all stages of the assignment or possible travel assignment. 

  • Use neutral language and no personal attacks. 
  • Aim for unanimous agreement. 
  • Give everyone a vote on as many decisions as you can. 
  • Listen actively. 
  • List every pros and cons of any assignment and destination. 

When it comes to planning, it can be used to solve the issues of loneliness, boredom, and frustration at school. 

Many children might suffer from loneliness at the beginning when entering a new community, and spouses could get lonely or bored before they are able to find a hobby or new friends. The task of any travel nursing family is to plan ahead and quickly learn about the new location, the school options, amenities, national parks, community pools, and community events nearby that can help integrate the family quickly into their new or temporary location.

For school-age kids, there might also be some challenges in school as they have to cope with new classmates and even different learning systems. The solution many choose is to continue with remote learning or home schooling if it’s a temporary travel nurse assignment or choose long-term ones to give the children time to adjust in a more healthy way.

Again, for a nurse with kids, it’s all about careful and advanced planning to limit the impact on your family as much as you can. Also when making a travel plan, remember that travel nursing offers flexibility for any family’s needs.

You Can Have a Family, and Your Travel Nursing Dream Job

The bottom line is travel nursing with a family opens up a world of possibilities and benefits. And yes, it is kind of like getting paid to go on a family road trip or vacation.

The flexibility to meet your family’s needs, the cultural and educational experiences for your children, the strengthened family bond, the financial advantages, and the enhanced personal growth are all incredible reasons to embark on this journey.

So don’t let fear hold you back, embrace the adventure and create lasting memories with your loved ones as you explore new places and cultures as a travel nurse. Stability Healthcare has a vast network of travel nursing and travel-allied jobs around the country and even internationally, with many of them being perfect for nurses and their families.

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