Top 3 Most Needed Nursing Specialties Right Now

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for nurses is expected to rise 16%, faster than any other occupation, by 2024. By taking advantage of the growing demand, getting a nursing degree to go into a highly sought-after field, could be in your best interest. 

We’ve compiled a list of the most in-demand nursing jobs right now. 

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse 

An ICU nurse is a very high-stress position. These nurses deal with patients in critical and intensive care that need constant monitoring and attention. Most patients are usually intubated, ventilated, or requiring frequent life-saving medicines. If you’re very organized and like a little more structure, then this could be a perfect position for you. An ICU nurse requires an ADN, or a BSN is preferred. 

Operating Room Nurse

An operating room nurse has a lot of important responsibilities. Firstly, they have to make sure everything, like the tools, are set up for the surgeons. Then, they need to make sure they’re on alert during the surgery to be readily available to assist the surgeon with anything they might need. Aside from working closely with the surgeon, they also work very closely with the patient and the patient’s family before and after the surgery, to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you’re looking for a specialty that works closely with patients, then this would be a great position for you. This specialization requires and ADN or BSN.  

Travel Nurse 

Since Covid-19 pandemic, hospitals have seen a shortage in nurses all around the country. With a low nurse count, there has been an uptick in the need for travel nurses. When hospital surges happen, travel nurses can go to those cities that need the most assistance. 

Travel nurses can usually choose where they want to travel and which specialty they’d like. So this is an ideal specialty for travel junkies who would like a little more freedom. 

An ICU nurse requires an ADN or a BSN is preferred. 

Every nursing job is important, no matter which path you choose. There will be no for seen changes in demand for nurses, so choose the nursing position that feels right for you. 


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