Stability Holiday Gift Guide
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Holiday shopping can be a challenge, but Stability HealthCare’s got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts for travel nurses this holiday season.

This list is filled with a variety of items that are sure to bring a smile to any nurse’s face. From stethoscopes to self-care, these gift ideas encompass all aspects of their life, even outside of the hospital.

Check out the Stability Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect gift for the travel nurse on your Christmas list.

1. Mini Cinema Light Box

This Light Box is the perfect addition to any space. With removable letters, the options for captions are endless.

2. Stethoscope

Because you can’t have a gift guide for nurses without a stethoscope. As one of their most used tools, every nurse needs an updated and properly working stethoscope. That’s why we’ve chosen the MDF® Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope.

3. Hydro Flask, S’well Water Bottle and Pendleton Thermos

It is so important for nurses to stay hydrated, and these water bottles keep water extra cold throughout long shifts. The thermos is a great addition to any nurse’s collection, as it’s perfect for bringing hot coffee or tea to give them that extra kick to get through their shift.

4. Cozy Socks

As children, we would hate receiving socks as gifts, but as adults it is one of the best gifts. Nurses can wear these socks to stay cozy after a long shift of being on their feet all day…or even better, they can wear them during their shift to keep their feet warm all shift long.

5. Nurse Related Books

We’ve picked out two in particular, one filled with stories and one filled with coloring pages.  I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out: The Stories Of Becoming a Nurse, offers the inside scoop on what it is like as a new nurse, and, on the lighter side of things, #NurseLife is snarky coloring book that is sure to leave any nurse in tears (from laughter of course).

6. 52 Lists for Happiness and Clay Masks

Nurses spend so much time taking care of other people that sometimes they can forget to take care of themselves. These gifts are the perfect for someone who needs to relax and put themselves first for a minute.

7. Headphones, Crosley Speaker, and Bluetooth Desk Speaker

Because who doesn’t love to jam out to their favorite songs? These gifts provide your travel nurse the perfect opportunity to tune out the outside world and blast their favorite songs…on the go or in the comfort of their own home.

8. Speidel Watch and Bracelet

Every nurse needs the perfect accessories, and we’ve found the perfect ones. Every nurse needs a watch with the second hand and that is why a Speidel wrist watch makes the perfect gift. For their life outside of work, get them this Golden Heart Beat Bangle. It is the perfect accessory that will complement almost every outfit. 

9. Instax Mini Polaroid Camera and Frame

A polaroid camera is the perfect gift for anyone, really. The travel nurse in your life can capture their favorite moments and display them forever.

10. Rudy’s Grooming Kit

This is the perfect gift for the male travel nurse in your life! Get him to his next shift feeling and smelling fantastic with this grooming kit. 

11. Fleece Throw Blanket

Nurses work tiring shifts, and nothing is better than coming home and cuddling up with a plush fleece throw blanket while binge watching some Netflix.

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