General Information

Whether you are new to travel nursing or are an experienced traveler, you can find resources to help you prepare for your adventure.  

Visit The USA – Explore your new city’s culture & history, lifestyle, food & drink, outdoors, and entertainment.

City Search – This City Guide includes information on arts, hotels, events, movies, music, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, sports and recreation.

National Weather Service/NOAA – Go right to the source, weather forecasts for all U.S. cities.

Travel Nurses Blog – Check out our blog for hints and tips from budgeting to work life balance.

Housing Information

Whether you’re planning your first travel assignment, or you’re an experienced travel nurse, finding the right housing can make or break your assignment. In the past, most travel nurses elected to have their recruiter arrange housing, but today most travelers choose to take the housing stipend and find their own housing. If you decide to find your own accommodation, there lots of resources at your disposal.  From vacation rental websites, check out these helpful websites:




Furnished Finder

Corporate Housing by Owner

Travel Information and Tips

Katie McElveen lays out her top 20 hints in from Real Simple Click Here

A collection of helpful tips and information to help you protect yourself while traveling from Click Here


Navigating a new city can be a snap with mapping apps at your fingertips. Here are some options that can assist you with door-to-door directions:

Google Maps

Waze Maps

Financial Information

There are countless websites that offer all sorts of coupons and ways to save money. Finding the best deal is always in your best interest when you are trying to maintain a healthy budget. There are places you can find deals on just about everything. Here are some of our favorites:


Stability FAQs

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